Google Trusted Stores Is Now HTTPS Compatible

Merchants can display the Google Trusted Stores badge on secure pages.

Earlier this month, Google said it was actively working on a fix for Trusted Stores merchants to be able to display the program’s badge on secure pages. Google began notifying merchants enrolled in its e-commerce verification program that they can now display the Trusted Stores badge on HTTPS pages.

Trusted Stores merchants trying to convert their sites to HTTPS had run into problems because the Trusted Stores badge was specifically designed not to display on secure pages such as cart and checkout. But, to be Trusted Stores compliant, the badge must appear on all other pages of the site.

This new solution allows the badge to appear on HTTPS pages. In fact, for secure sites the badge will now show on all secure pages, including checkout pages. Merchants can adjust where the badge appears on all or some pages of the site, however.

Site owners must update the badge’s JavaScript and place the new compatible badge on their HTTPS pages. Google provided merchants with instructions for implementing the update and placing the new badge on their sites.

Hat tip: ShopBakersNook

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