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By , Published October 25, 2014

The Google DoubleClick (DFP) Optimization is helping digital advertisers empower their ad campaigns. Every ad campaign should be unique and must address every publisher’s marketing needs. Google offers a new advertising engine through its DoubleClick (DFP) Optimization technology that helps to empower advertisers to create, build and manage their ads with this revenue ads optimization engine. DoubleClick has the essential features that help advertisers find the best and ideal ads to serve for their digital marketing campaigns.

The Google DoubleClick Optimization as a tool

The DFP is a tool that is designed to be loaded with features that help advertisers perform an efficient and productive inventory of their ads. It removes the hassles of manually performing an inventory on how to optimize your ad campaigns. Using its predictive tool, the DFP Optimization can determine the click-through-rate (CTR) of your ad. It is capable of forecasting which of your ads can deliver more revenues for your ad campaigns.

The tool uses data from your network history, including the ad requests and the contextual data from AdSense. Google then uses these to create a more predictive model that can estimate your ads’ CTR or cost-per-impression (CTM). For a newly launched ad, the tool will begin to start collecting its historical data to build ad impressions and identify the best optimization process it needs for improvement.

Using the DFP Optimization for your ad campaigns

To optimize your ad campaigns, there are certain guidelines to consider using the Google DoubleClick Optimization model to its maximum benefit. Google requires that an ad should have a cost-per-impression goal or is click-tracking enabled. These are necessary in order to make the DFP Optimization tool work in tracking your ad performance. The tools will likely show a negative result when the ads are built with roadblocks. Roadblocks serve to block the ad slots on a page and allow numerous ads to run on a single line item on one web page. As a result, the tool cannot exercise flexibility to track a particular ad’s performance. You can enjoy more flexibility on your ad tracking using DoubleClick by using a long ad campaign with high impression goals.

Publishers can monitor their ad performance and effectiveness using DoubleClick through a control group and optimized group. These groups help measure both the performance module and the revenue modules of an ad campaign to help the advertiser optimize the delivery of their advertisements. The majority of your ad visitors will be placed in the optimized group and the other in the control group. DoubleClick uses the performance lift to measure the CTR optimization while the eCPM lift is used for the revenue optimization.

Advertisers use lift metrics in order to measure the efficiency of their ad optimization process. The lift metrics are used to indicate the performance and revenue optimization results through the DoubleClick report. These metrics are shown in columns with positive, 0%, negative and N/A indicators. You can find the increase in your ads’ CTR or eCPM from the positive metrics. Any insignificant activity in your ads will be included in the 0% metric while a statistically low optimization result will be indicated in the negative metrics. Each line of your ad requires at least 10 clicks from the control group and 40 clicks for the optimized group as a minimum to make them measurable by the DFP Optimization tool. If there is not enough data collected, the report is indicated in the N/A metric.

DoubleClick Publishers for Small Business

Smaller advertising agencies may not launch a big advertising campaign for start-up. Google provides an ad optimization tool that best fit for their digital advertising needs through the DoubleClick DFP Optimization program. Although it may not be supercharged with more powerful ad optimization tools made for bigger digital enterprises, the DoubleClick for Publishers offers an excellent tool for small business as a free ad management program to start growing ad campaigns. This tool measures, delivers and schedule ads to help smaller digital advertisers do an inventory for their advertisement campaigns. This helps publishers quickly measure the value of their ad impression and do some more optimization to push more revenues and increase the performance of their ads.

Among the best features that can benefit small businesses from using the Google DoubleClick Optimization tool for publishers include the following

  • Prioritize sales strategy
  • Precise indicators for targeting the best ad for your marketing campaign
  • Pace up ad impressions according to your target campaign schedule
  • Set a cap on the number of ads that your frequent visitors can view by schedule (per hour, minute, weeks or months)
  • Customize ad criteria by setting your own ad values
  • Use the preview mode on each ad prior to launching them on the web or mobile platforms.

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DoubleClick Publishers for Bigger Enterprise

The Google DoubleClick Optimization Publisher is also built to serve bigger enterprises to help them drive better sales revenues. Among the features available that best benefit bigger advertising companies optimize their ad revenues are the following:

  • DoubleClick DART sales manager helps you gain control over your sales ads with an efficient workflow for your business.
  • Ad serving tools that help publishers to exercise better management on their digital ad operations through various platforms (mobile, web and videos).
  • Use the DFP-serving module on mobile and video to optimize ad revenues from these platforms.
  • Capture the most valuable ad campaign that yield the most revenue for your business.

Significant features of Google DoubleClick Optimization Tool

The DFP Optimization provides an ad management solution that resolves inflexibility and poor visibility system in monitoring ads and its management. It delivers a highly intelligent tool for more profitable ad serving through its sophisticated algorithms and flexible platforms. It is simple to use with geo-targeting visualization tools and rich media presentation to deliver optimization reports. Its intelligent forecasting feature allows publishers make on-time decision making with more accuracy using the informative data reports for considerations. The user can instantly capture impressions and easily manage ad performance campaigns for targeting better CPM and CPC goals.

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