Google Ads Conversions-By-Time Reporting Makes Much More Sense

Google Ads Conversions-By-Time Reporting Makes Much More Sense

by , Staff Writer @lauriesullivan, October 21, 2019

Google Ads recently introduced a reporting feature that allows marketers to see the actual time that conversions occur.

Previously, conversions were reported by the date that the ad was clicked. It really didn’t matter when the purchase was made.

Analytics and accuracy measure performance, but Google would report a conversion as being made on the day the click occurred, which doesn’t really make sense to me. This became a monster headache for marketers.

Marketers can now report conversions and conversion values at the time they happened with new “by conversion time” columns. If ads were clicked on last week and that traffic converted this week, the new “Conversions (by conv. time)” column will now show a conversion for this week.

Historical conversion time data goes back to March 2, 2019.

Google believes this change will help marketers better understand conversions and make it easier to compare Google and brand data. For instance, marketers can now compare their metrics in Google Ads with the sales reports to confirm how many products were sold last month.

The six new columns include “Conversions (by conv. time),” “Conv. value (by conv. time),” “Value / Conv. (by conv. time),” “All conv. (by conv. time),” “All conv. value (by conv. time),” and “Value / all conv. (by conv. time).” Search Marketing Daily


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