Glassdoor is making it easier for employees to find a job that lines up with their values


By Shalene Gupta

For people lucky enough to be working their dream jobs, work might seem like a home away from home, but for far too many Americans, it’s nowhere close. According to a new Glassdoor survey, 43% of employees have witnessed or experienced discrimination at work, while nearly a third say their current employer does not match their values. 


Now, the popular employee-feedback platform is rolling out advanced search features to help employees find the perfect job that aligns with their values, whether it’s work-life balance, LGTBQ-friendly policies, DEI, or more. 

The new filters fall into two categories: workplace factor ratings and employee demographics. Workplace factor ratings allow employees to search for company ratings for career opportunities, compensation, benefits, culture, and values. These filters will be available in the United States and 23 other global domains. 

Employee demographics, meanwhile, includes information about race/ethnicity, gender, parent or family caregiver, people with disabilities, sexual orientation, or veterans. This feature will only be available in the United States. While Glassdoor has been collecting much of this data for some time, the search features allow users to easily find and sort companies that do well on these factors.

Glassdoor is making it easier for employees to find a job that lines up with their values


“Glassdoor is deeply committed to leveraging our products and resources to help achieve equity in and out of the workplace,” said Christian Sutherland-Wong, Glassdoor’s CEO, in a statement. “We know that each individual job seeker has different values driving their job search, from healthier work/life balance to career growth, to being able to compare ratings of different employee demographic groups.”

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