Market To Mondays: Social Media Followers

March 30, 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of our new weekly blog series, Market To Mondays. Each week, we will introduce you to a new group of people you should market to. We’ll tell you who they are, why you should market to them, and how you might get started.

Last week’s group was Past Customers.

Today’s Group = Social Media Followers

If your company participates on social media, meaning you have created accounts and you are spending time cultivating fans, followers, likes, and other forms of engagement, then those audiences are ripe to be marketed to.

Social media followers are following your brand for a reason. Either they like the kind of content that you share. Or they have purchased from you in the past. Or they are considering buying from you in the future.

No matter who they are, there are a few things I can tell you as facts. First, they know who you are. Second, you have a very simple way to connect with them already.

So why wouldn’t you market to them? There is none. You should.

But how?

How you market to social media followers is likely to be very different than how you market to other audiences. That’s because social media is not a platform for selling.

You can’t be too self-promotional. You can’t only publish deals, and discounts, and offers. That’s how you lose followers, not turn followers into customers.

So marketing to social media followers is about doing three main things: growing your follower base, turning casual fans into active ones, and making it easy for them to take the next step and turn into a paying customer.

To grow your follower base and turn casual fans into active ones, pay attention to the kind of content you share on social media. Track what gets you the most traffic, the most likes, and the most shares. Content with more engagement is better. More people will see it. And more people will be exposed to your brand.

Intersperse major announcements about your company – product releases, contests, special offers, and other news – that gets your active fans closer to your sales funnel. Get them off social media and onto your website, where they can shop or speak to someone from your company.

It’s a numbers game. More followers will lead to more engagement, more traffic, and more sales. It takes time and energy. And most importantly, it takes the commitment and patience of management.

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