6 Awesome Pinterest Tips That You Should Use

October 23, 2015

Undoubtedly, Pinterest is the fastest growing platform among eCommerce marketers, artists, social media power users, brands, businesses and many more. The reason is, it’s not only allows people to discover and save creative ideas but it also a heaven for small and medium scale business to reach to millions of people easily. If you are still not using Pinterest in your social media marketing strategies, you are losing a great potentiality.

To get more exposure from Pinterest, there are many proven truth, tricks and strategies you should follow. Here are some of the most common tips:

1. Pin at least 5 times a day on Pinterest

Like other social media channels, a consistent sharing strategy is vital on Pinterest to get more exposure, followers and repins. The best strategies behind Pinterest engagement is to pin more often. It is found that if you are consistently pinning at least 5 times a day then probably you are getting more engagement on Pinterest. According to several studies about Pinterest, between 2 PM to 4 PM, 8 PM to 11 PM and Friday at 3 PM the best times to post, but mainly it depends on what your target audience resides.

Things to consider for more pinning:

  • Scheduling pins ahead of time has made things easier for Pinterest curators. First of all, you can discover the best content to share with your Pinterest friends and place it into a schedule so that it’s spaced out over a few days. This will help you keep consistent with content shared in the Pinterest.

  • Spacing out your Pins is very helpful for your audience. Instead of your followers or friends seeing 10 pins all in a row about social media tips, scheduling your pins in a queue helps you a lot to avoid any bursts of content.

2. Use rich pin for your website or blog

Rich Pins are pretty useful. Basically with rich pins Pinterest is able to pull more information about the things you pin and make your pins better! It is especially designed to make the pinning experience better for pinners and more beneficial for those being pinned from the details.

Pinterest provides five types of rich Pins:

  • Article Pins: This pin includes the headline, story description, author, and link helps pinners to find and save stories

  • Product Pins: This Pin includes price, availability and where to buy the product

  • Recipe Pins: It includes ingredients, serving information and cooking times

  • Movie Pins:  It includes reviews, cast members, and ratings

  • Place Pins: This Pin includes map, phone number and address

Rich pins are an excellent way to have your content stand out among the Pinterest crowd and give your products a better visibility. Really that pins easily grab the attention of the pinner’s because their attractiveness is retail friendly that means that in many cases, Pinterest users can interact with or buy your products right from Pinterest itself.

3. Create “Pin it for later” links:

At the time of sharing the blog post to social media, you can give readers the options to “Pin the post for later read.” The reader can easily pin your blog post to a particular “read it later” Pinterest board and giving your audience a different and easy way to catch up your content.

Here’s how you can do it.

  • After publishing a new blog, you can pin an image from the new blog post.

  • Copy the URL for the Pin

  • Share this URL with the blog post as a way to “Pin it for later.”

The main idea is that the reader will add your pin to one of their Pinterest boards and back to your content later when they want to read and engage. I have tried this out with handful of Google+ posts and “Pin it for later” at the end and works best. With this strategy you might get more engagement on Pinterest. It’s a great way to allow others to bookmark your content for later reading.

4. Write keyword rich description for your board

When you write on your Pinterest board, whether it’s a title or description, that matters. If you talk about Facebook and Twitter where content sharing is the norm, you read easily and content disappears quickly but Pinterest boards are evergreen. That means when you create the board and pin an image, it must be relevant to your readers. The title and description of your board easily grab the eyes of the reader and they pin your image. For example, if a Pinterest user is looking for marketing tips related to social media on Pinterest, will they come across your social media board?

To make sure, you need to understand both your Pins and boards have tagging with keywords and that the descriptions themselves are keyword-rich and specific. Optimize your pins. People don’t use the particular terminology instead they go for basic word like useful tips or strategy on social media. Split your board into different categories, write keyword rich description and check what works best.

keyword rich pinterest description

5. Make your website Pinterest friendly

If your business has more presence on Pinterest, the more people follow you. Post something interesting or engaging to encourage your followers to repin your content as well as share and comment more. So the best way to start engagement using your own website is to use the follow and Pin it widgets that Pinterest provides. It ensures that if visitors in your website like something they like and it’s easy for them to Pin it or share it easily with just one click of a button.

In addition, the best way to build user engagement from your website is to promote own boards by embedding them in blog posts and other content. Indeed, it’s helpful to focus on getting followers for your own boards than it is for your entire account, so promote your popular boards to your audience. If you want to put your most popular board on the top, the Pinterest page allows this so website visitors to your Pinterest page can easily see your board and browse more boards of interest to them.

6. Build your community on Pinterest.

Just like all other social media network, you have to work well on Pinterest. You should post engaging images with amazing caption, reply to any comments that are left on your pics and comment or like pictures by people who comment on your pictures, repins other user posts, mention other brands and people when you are pinning from their blog. This will make a positive impact and give them the opportunity to share your works as well.

What else can you do?

You can search for influencers within your brand’s niche by looking up a strong keyword and finding the people with the most “repin” in that search. Also you should follow other boards and join group boards because this activity allows more than one contributor to add pins to a board. Once trying these six useful Pinterest tips, it’s time to check out some tools to make pinning much easier.

Top 3 three tools to make your Pinning easier

If you are looking for the easiest way to pin on Pinterest then the scheduling pin is the best option for you so there’s always fresh content on your board. With using automation tools, you can pin as many times as possible. Here are some of the best tools for getting it done.


It is one of the best handy tool for scheduling and they have recently launched their integration with Pinterest. It allows advanced scheduling for your Pinterest Pins by connecting your board on their platform. You can pin anything across the web or upload your own image. You can create different daily pinning schedules and customize according to your wants with flexible scheduling for posting.


With using buffer, you can easily pin your favorite images from any website and easily add to your Pinterest schedule with the buffer browser extension. At the same time, if you are browsing Pinterest and spot something to add to your board, you can pin it again with a click of a button. In addition, you can see all the statistics from your pins – likes, comments and repin along with your social media stats and save time by having all this in one place.


Tailwind is a complete Pinterest management tool with analytics options. You can easily schedule pins, monitor Pinterest, analyze industry trends and measure results. Along with scheduling and the standard stats, you can analyze your competitors and see the pending pins, your followers as well as top repinners with using this tool.

Which Pinterest tips have worked for you?

I am excited to hear from you which tips are helpful for your Pinterest marketing efforts, what works in getting more growth and success for you on the platform. Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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