Facebook Market for Local Services

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Facebook has launched a directory that connects users with local businesses and organizations with the best Facebook reviews and ratings.

This can be huge especially now that Google Plus removed almost all the local component from the G+ page.

The directory is divided into different categories

As an example, the Search Engine People Facebook page ranks at the top for “Marketing Consultants” in “Pickering”.


Facebook Local FAQ

Will my Facebook page need to be local verified?
Recommended. Although not a must, I see pages that rank high without the verification badge. 
If you like to have a client’s Facebook page verified, our team can help. The verification can be done by an automatic phone call or by uploading a utility bill.

Can I show up for any keyword?
“Facebook Services” has predefined categories and will only let you search for those categories/keywords. However, it is covering many industries

Are there any metrics or insights?
You can use UTM tracking codes and track it in Google Analytics.

How to rank at the top?
– You need reviews and ratings

– Selecting the right category or categories is key!

“Search results are displayed in a way that takes Facebook’s five-star rating system into account, but results aren’t strictly ranked by how many stars a business averages. Given Facebook’s deep knowledge of individual preferences, results are likely customized for users depending on their previous interactions with a business’s Page or whether someone they are connected with has reviewed a business on Facebook (We saw slightly different results when we were logged into Facebook compared to when we searched while logged out).”
— Martin Beck, Search Engine Land,  Dec. 14, 2015

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Facebook Market for Local Services
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