Examples of Apps That Nailed Personalized Push [Infographic]

June 30, 2016

No one can doubt the power of push. Push notifications have been shown to increase app engagement by 88% – and when apps use personalized push, the results can be even more dramatic!

Today we’re releasing a brand new infographic showcasing examples of apps that have absolutely killed it when it comes to personalization!


The Power of Personalized Push

Incorporating personalization into push allows you to speak on a more personal level with your app users, developing rapport while sending targeted notifications that will appeal to them and foster engagement.

Below we’ll focus on a few of the push notifications we highlighted in the infographic and go into more detail about why they work.


This Pandora push notification is doing lots of things right.

First of all, the push message is being personalized based off of the user’s past in-app activity. In this example, the user has listened to 48 songs from Today’s Country radio channel (what’s that about pick up trucks?), and Pandora is using that data to speak directly to the user.

Pandora also treats this activity as an achievement, celebrating the user and suggesting that they be proud of how many songs they’ve listened to in the first half of the year. It may not be the Nobel Peace Prize, but to a music lover, it’s something!

Lastly, Pandora continues their praise by encouraging more user activity – go ahead and double down on those country hoedowns! A tailored, personalized message like this is sure to drive further engagement as well as app loyalty.


This Medium push notification is another great example of personalization.

Here, Medium uses the user’s past activity to recognize what new posts may interest this particular individual. Sure enough, Medium guessed right – I’m a huge Serial advocate (#SarahKoenigSuperFan), and upon seeing this push notification, I immediately clicked through in order to read the full article.

Medium also takes this push to the next level by embedding in-app actions into the push notification. The users can choose to “recommend” this post or “bookmark” it to read later.

Had I been in the middle of work when seeing this push message, I might have wanted to bookmark the article to read at a more convenient time. In-app actions like these can greatly improve engagement. Note: only Android has the ability to embed in-app actions into push notifications (at least for now).


Eat24 is an another app that nails personalization through push. In this real-life example, Eat24 confirms a meal delivery order, letting hungry users rest assured that their Pad Thai or pepperoni pizzas are on schedule.

Eat24 even goes as far as to include a specific expected delivery time, personalized based on the user’s location. Nothing could make a hungry belly happier!



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