Email Marketing Campaigns With Coupons Always Perform Well!

  • by Jonathan Yefet January 19, 2016
    January 19, 2016

    The folks at Remarkety recently ran a really cool study looking into email marketing benchmarks for 2016. They looked at millions of emails sent by many different brands to determine the effectiveness of newsletters, order follow-up and much more.

    We’re going to start by discussing something that we’ve talked about a lot in the past…Abandoned shopping carts. According to a Surepayroll study, it was found that the average return of revenue for sending an abandoned cart email was $ 5.64, and Remarkety’s study only served to confirm this great news. In fact, abandoned cart emails had an open rate of 46.6%, and a click rate of 28.7%. The best news of all, they had a conversion rate of 5%!!!

    Another email that Remarkety took a look at was the welcome email, which wasn’t as successful as abandoned cart campaigns – but nonetheless serves a different purpose. Welcome emails are about sentiment rather than call-to-action. They help show that brands really care about their customers – but because they lack much other value – consumers didn’t care to open them up as much. The open rate for such emails was 39.2%, with a click rate of 22.4%.

    Now, before we get to the overall numbers for all the campaigns sent out, we’d also like to share the numbers on order follow-ups, and promotions – which were both awesome. Follow-ups had an open rate of 46.1%, with a click rate of 16.7% and a conversion rate that matched abandoned cart campaigns at 5%. The click rate is understandable as there is not much of a CTA to be included. But…in promotional campaigns, the CTA is all the rage. Emails with promotional coupons had extremely high open, click and conversion rates (see below).

    All that said, overall rates were not up to snuff: Overall open rate was found to be 23.4%, click rate 17.8%, and conversion rate 1%…looks like email marketers have some work to do this year.

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