Digital Trends Changing Advocacy and CRM in 2020

Digital Trends Changing Advocacy and CRM in 2020

The year 2020 once seemed so far away — with flying cars, robots, video calling and even smart homes. Well, the future has arrived, and hasn’t changed much.

Especially in business.

No matter the sector or size still, businesses rely heavily on customer loyalty. Loyalty can best be achieved by listening to customers, acknowledging their value and solving their needs.

Advocacy and Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) and smart strategies to create loyal customers and will give businesses the edge over competitors.

Here are three digital components that will give your advocacy and CRM strategy an extra boost and help take your business to the next level.

  1. Data

Business can collect a vast amount of data on a single customer. Data has no meaning unless it is accurately mined for insights. And then using those insights to create new opportunities, that add value to customers on an ongoing basis. This will build brand love, affinity, loyalty and ultimately advocates.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance advocacy and CRM strategies. By integrating AI with advocacy and CRM, customers receive information on their device of choice at just the right time to add value to their lives.

Effective AI and automation delivers personalised content triggered and delivered just when your customers need it most. A proven effective way to boost brand engagement and loyalty.

  1. Quality content

Producing quality and authentic content is key to any CRM and advocacy marketing. Using the same insights mined from your data to inform engaging content creation then build that brand customer relationship by delivering content that adds real value.

Adding to that, it’s essential for businesses to interrogate their content performance, and surprise their customers with what they’re not expecting, while at the same time always learning and refining their content process.

Technology will continue to impact businesses, and when used effectively can significantly assist businesses in achieving their objectives. Advocacy and CRM will become your most effective tools as they would embrace 4IR.

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