Digital Promotion Prizes Should Go “Beyond the Brand” For Better Conversion [Infographic]

May 11, 2016

Are you giving the award for your digital promotion enough attention? Recently we unveiled the results of our Digital Promotions Prize Survey, which surveyed more than 1700 consumers on their prize preferences and the kinds of prizes that would most entice them into participating in a digital promotion like a sweepstakes, survey, or contest on Facebook or other social media platforms.

We are in the digital promotions business, so we already suspected that prizes were a core component to running an effective campaign. But when 48% of participants stated that the prize is the most important consideration – as in, if they do not like the prize, they will not participate – we were glad we asked.

What attracts a consumer most to a sweepstakes? Do participants give more weight to the brand or the actual prize?

According to the results, 82% of consumers surveyed give more weight to the award than the brand. This means that just because you sell the best tires in town, your audience may be more interested in your promotion if you offer a dinner for two, or an iPhone, than a pair of your signature tires.

What do consumers value most in a prize?

It’s all about ease, trust, and the ability to enjoy it with others.

  • The prize is easy to implement and enjoy.
  • It can be easily shared and enjoy it without complications.
  • And if it is a trusted brand, much better.

And now the million dollar question: What kind of prize do consumers prefer?

We know that sometimes budget plays a role in prize selection, but here’s what our survey respondents said works best – and it’s not just an Apple Watch.

  • Top Picks: Experiences (dinners, weekend get-aways, tickets, etc.), topped the list in addition to gadgets (tablets, smartphones), both being selected by 17% of respondents as their top choice when ranking a broad range of prizes.
  • Women also like “just for me” prizes related to fashion and beauty (both with 11%).
  • The younger crowd prefers as tickets to events, such as movies, concerts or other events (12%).

That said, if you have not gained the expected responses to your promotions in the past but feel strongly that you are choosing the right prize for your audience, take a look at our recent blog which offers other “best practices” which can take your promotion to the next level, and convert the highest number of visitors to participants.

The Digital Promotions Prize Survey by Easypromos was held between February – March, 2016 and results are based on more than 1700 responses from individuals who frequently participate in digital promotions.


A similar version of this article was posted on the Easypromos blog.

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