Create an Employee Handbook to Protect Your Business

September 27, 2015

Business woman typing on a laptop.Employee handbooks are key to the success and harmony of a company because they detail all the policies, procedures and information about the company for employees. They can be published in print or in digital form, but should be accessible for all employees. They are a great reference point for both new and veteran employees who need to find out information about their employer or what they can and cannot do at the office.

Here, we will discuss how to create an employee handbook that protects your company.

Define the Structure of the Company

One of the first things an employee handbook should do is define the structure of the company. When we talk about structure we mean the mission statement and vision of the company along with how management is laid out in all of the company’s departments. The structure definition should also discuss the nature of the company’s business. There should also be a disclaimer that says the presence of the handbook does not constitute employment. This helps companies avoid lawsuits.

Outline the Hours of Operation and Payroll

The handbook should also outline the hours of operation for the company. If hours worked differ by the department, make sure each department’s work hours are listed in the handbook to avoid any confusion with potential new employees. The handbook should also describe how overtime works and how it is paid, listing any state or federal regulations the company complies with regarding overtime. If the company is open for 8 or more hours per day, outline the hours employees are required to work each day. The payroll process should also be explained. For example, how the employees handle timekeeping, when payments are made and if there is holiday pay.

Benefits and Perks

Almost every company in business today offers benefits and some form of perk program for their employees. These items must be discussed in an employee handbook. Included in this section of the handbook should be information about life insurance, health insurance, dental and vision plans, paid time off, retirement plans and much more. If there is a perks plan in place, explain it in this section.

Employee Disciplinary Measures

All companies have employee disciplinary measures in place to handle issues regarding employees who break rules or cause problems at the office. The measures in place at your company must be outlined in the employee handbook so there are no surprises for an employee who is being punished for their actions. The handbook should also discuss performance reviews and potential consequences of poor reviews.

The employee handbook is an important aspect of a company’s operations. It describes, in great detail, every nook and cranny of the company so there are no surprises for new or veteran employees.

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