The Habits of a Successful HR Manager

September 27, 2015


What is the difference between a good HR manager and a great HR manager? It might not be easy to pinpoint with the naked eye, but it can be done when you factor in the habits they employ. In today’s post, we will discuss the habits of a successful HR manager, which tend to make them great HR managers instead of just good HR managers.

Move Towards What Frightens You

One of the best habits of a successful HR manager is when he or she moves towards what frightens them in business instead of running away from it. In many instances, a person’s pride will magnify the impact of possible failure, when in reality, that failure is rarely overwhelming. Tackle your fears by moving towards them. Take on projects that involve a fear of yours, such as public speaking. The only way to tackle those fears is to confront them head-on.

Know What Creates Revenue in Your Industry

A successful HR manager will need to know, and understand, what creates revenue in their industry. If you have no idea what drives revenue or success in your industry, then you need to educate yourself immediately. For example, you should know who your company’s top five clients are, what the last couple of years look like in profitability and sales numbers and how your company makes money if you wish to be successful as an HR manager.

Be the Best Listener

Listening goes a long way in today’s business world, especially if you work as an HR manager. But, you need to do more than just listen. You also need to refrain from interrupting. This is easier said than done, but it must be a habit if you want to be a successful HR manager. The strongest HR managers out there today know and understand that employees visit their office so they can be heard, not spoken to. This is why you must listen and refrain from interrupting. By listening, you are showing the employee how much you care about their issue and you might even learn something about the company at the same time.

Get Along with Those who Disagree with You

There is nothing wrong with having a disagreement with someone in the office. But, you cannot let the disagreement build into resentment. You should thank the person who disagrees with you in order to harbor good feelings and promote an open environment where questions are always welcome. You need to eliminate the idea that one person must win and the other person must always lose.

Celebrate Employees in the Spotlight

As an HR manager, you must be able to celebrate when others are in the spotlight. If you cannot do this naturally, you will struggle as an HR manager. Identify who has performed the best in your company and reward them for it.

To become a great HR manager, you must have at least one of the habits outlined in today’s post. If you don’t change your behavior and outlook today.

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