Calling All CMOs: How To Create an Experience Using Native Advertising

August 19, 2015

Ask just about any marketing guru and you’ll hear one piece of wisdom: Add spice to your campaigns to get the attention of your audience.

These days, consumers are bombarded by thousands of marketing messages on a daily basis. So many, in fact, it’s impossible to absorb everything being pummeled in their direction. For your brand to stand out above the noise, you need to get creative.

Native advertising has sparked creative genius in marketers. Not only is this platform offering a more unique way to reach consumers, but it’s also giving brands the opportunity to go beyond pushing product. Now, brands can tell a better, stronger, and more experiential story with each advertisement.

Put Your Customer in the Driver’s Seat

One of the best native advertising examples we’ve come across is from Porsche. The well-known car maker doesn’t talk about the bells and whistles under the hood. It describes the experience a person has when gripping the steering wheel and pushing down on the gas pedal for the first time.

The ad starts with a video. The focus lies solely on the thrill of driving.

As you scroll down the page, you see pictures of excited drivers having the time of their lives. Scroll further and you get the science behind the thrill. You see the data behind the adrenaline presented in a colorful, exhilarating design.

At the end of the ad, you see another video called the “Solo Driver Experience.” In the video, you see the colorful display of what happens to a single driver as he makes his way around the track in a Porsche.

You’ve just been taken through a series of media elements that serve up text, audio, and visual excitement – none of which has to do with the parts and pieces of the car. It’s all about the experience the driver has when getting behind the wheel of a Porsche.

How Can You Replicate This Experience?

For some advertisers, coming up with ideas for native advertising is a challenge. You think about how you can plug a specific attribute of your product, or promote a certain feature. This kind of thinking will put you in a rut and dilute your advertising efforts.

Focus on the experience.

  • What does a consumer feel when she picks up your product?
  • What’s the experience a person has when she holds your product?
  • How does your product make your customer feel?

Porsche focused on the experiential thrill. Find the same type of emotion for your product and then focus on that. For example, if it’s relief, put together a series of pictures that depict the sensation. Then, use your text to tell a story about the feeling.

Position your customer as the hero and tell her story in your native advertising. Make it an experience to consume your ad and you’ll ensure your brand stands out above the rest of the noise found in your buyer’s daily life.

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