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March 18, 2015

As visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr are proven as more and more influential to sales, the product images these brands are taking are getting better catered to each platform. But the number of big brands that have generic, small, overly-promotional images is still very high. By taking the time to change up how your business’ products are photographed and presented, the perception of product quality can be improved with a few simple changes. So what can brands do to improve their content to perform better on social media? What social media accounts are great examples of beautiful imagery on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr?

For Pinterest

When a company has hundreds to thousands of products to photograph, styling each one in a unique setting usually isn’t realistic. By simply changing the color of the background from plain white to off white or another color, the products will instantly stand out on Pinterest. Brands need to make sure their product photos are taken vertically, or edited to be presented vertically – it will be hugely impactful for Pinterest performance.

See Cos as a good example. Their products are shot against an off-white background. Just the small difference of adding a unique color behind their products makes them stand out more on Pinterest. Their photos are also all vertical and have nice proportions of product size to background space.

Some other brands that have uniquely colored backgrounds in their product images include:

Left Right

Left Right

Left Right

Left Right

Now compare those images to how Target’s images pin directly off of their website. (below) Instagram-sized, or square, pins don’t perform as well as vertical pins. Even if the product is horizontal like the bag below, having that extra background space above the product takes up more room on a pinner’s board and feed. It’s like having extra ad space free of charge. What brand wouldn’t want that? Vertical pins give vertical products, like the dress below, more room so the product can be seen a lot better. A win-win! If these products had off-white backgrounds besides plain white, I think it’d help them stand out even more on Pinterest.

Left Right

For Instagram

After vertical photographs have been taken, it’s very easy to quickly edit images to be horizontal. Just crop off the top and bottom sections and it should already be proportioned out nicely. But if your brand really wants to make a splash on Instagram, styling photos is key. Get creative with it and share an image that would be something you’d like in real life. Play with color, the seasons, trends, and props. If you’re Instagrammimg about the start of spring, go to the local farmer’s market and pick up some flowers to style around one of your products or your logo.

Some brands on Instagram we swoon over:

Whole Foods Market
Ben & Jerry’s
Lundberg Farms

Free People

This Instagram from Chobani plays with color and the season.

This Instagram from Starbucks is creative and beautiful. Did you notice the shadow of a person holding up a heart with their hands?

This Instagram from Marc Jacobs is simple + sweet. Everyone loves kitties. Kitties or puppies next to your product or brand name is (almost) always a good idea.

For Tumblr

Tumblr is a place where both vertical and horizontal images can thrive together. A lot of brands have gone to the next level with Tumblr to customize their accounts to be like a microsite, integrating brand content with inspiration around their products or a specific campaign. Whether your product is a magazine, food, clothing, car, or home appliance – you can customize the company Tumblr to speak to what your brand stands for and in a beautiful way.

See these examples of nicely branded Tumblrs to get inspired to take yours to the next level:

Tiffany and Co.
Kate Spade
Rolling Stone
Fancy Feast
The Standard Hotel

POM Wonderful’s Tumblr, Simply Wonderful, shares beautiful + inspiring images of pomegranates and recipes along with branded content.

Quick Tip: Take note of the dimensions below that work best for each platform’s images if you want to optimize a photo to work well across social platforms.

Social Image Sizing 101:

Facebook Links: 484 x 252 pixels
Twitter: 440 x 220 pixels
Instagram: 640 x 640 pixels
Pinterest: 720 x 1200 pixels
Tumblr: Any sizes work, we mix it up

Are you feeling inspired to mix up how your brand photographs or styles its product shots to provide better content for Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr? What are your favorite brands on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr? Read The HelloSociety Content Guide for Instagram for more social media tips and examples!

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