Brands Shifting From YouTube To Native Video On Twitter

Top 500 brands posted nearly as many videos natively as from YouTube in July. Engagement remains higher for native video.


Facebook’s native video momentum has been documented widely. The social network sees more than 4 billion video views a day — a number first reported in April and almost certainly much higher now.

And lured by those eyeballs, brands have shifted their video posting on Facebook from YouTube to native, passing the tipping point last December, according to social analytics company Socialbakers.

Now the same trend is hitting Twitter, albeit at a smaller scale. Recent data from Socialbakers shows that brands will soon be sharing more native video on Twitter than YouTube content. The data from the 500 largest brands on Twitter from January to July, shows a strong trend.

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The raw numbers for July were 1,318 links posted to YouTube and 1,208 videos posted natively. It’s also interesting to see how brands are using Twitter’s two other video services, Periscope and Vine. Live-streaming Periscope, which launched in March, has caught up to more-mature Vine among the brands surveyed. Brands posted 283 videos from Periscope and 279 from Vine.

In terms of engagement, brands are still generating more activity on Vine than on Periscope and the majority of video engagement is coming from native video. That trend has stayed constant since January (as the Socialbakers chart below shows) and might accelerate given than Twitter took a page from Facebook by introducing autoplay video in June.


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