Brands Can Track In-Store Visits, Lift To OTT, CTV Ads Served

Brands Can Track In-Store Visits, Lift To OTT, CTV Ads Served

by  @lauriesullivan, July 16, 2019 announced Tuesday the ability to track the increase in ad sales and in-store visits from households that have been served-over-the top (OTT) and connected television (CTV) ads.

The technology allows advertisers to measure the effectiveness on a variety of screen sizes and attribute in-store foot traffic to those ads. The feature was previously only available for display ads.

“Viewers watch increasingly more TV on streaming devices, so advertisers want to target on OTT and CTV,” said Frost Prioleau, CEO and cofounder. “Marketers were never available to understand how much actual foot traffic their linear TV ads provided.”’s technology can measure the lift in traffic from people in households who have seen an advertiser’s ad, compared with those who had not seen the ad.

With a $515,000 budget, an unnamed national family entertainment center exceeded a $90 cost-per-acquisition goal with a $59 CPA. The campaign was intended to encourage moms with kids ages two to 10 to book birthday party packages online. The campaign was supported by keyword contextual search and site retargeting. The in-store visits promotion had a CPV of $3.44 as measured by Cuebiq, a consumer insights and measurement company.

Companies have been interested in using these foot-traffic analytics with non-digital media. Prioleau said the company is also in discussions with several companies that do direct mail., a programmatic and addressable ad-serving technology company, has executed more than 12,000 OTT and CTV campaigns for more than 4,700 unique advertisers in the first half of 2019. The company got its start supporting search retargeting and then built a business on local and mobile advertising.

Prioleau attributes the company’s growth to unique audience targeting methods such as addressable, behavioral, and demographics. Key metrics of the new offering include Geo-Conversion Lift, which provides percentage differences in physical visitors to an advertiser’s location that were influenced by an ad versus those who were not shown an ad; Campaign Conversion Rate, which provides the percentage of users who were served an ad from the campaign, and then physically visited the advertiser’s location; and National Conversion Rate, the percentage of users who were not served an ad for the campaign but visited the advertiser’s location. Search Marketing Daily


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