B2B Marketers Align With Keywords ‘Merry Christmas,’ ‘Happy New Year’

B2B Marketers Align With Keywords ‘Merry Christmas,’ ‘Happy New Year’

by  @lauriesullivan, December 19, 2019

B2B marketers are more engaged during the week of Christmas and New Year’s. This is the time that advertising engagement for business brands on LinkedIn increases, according to findings from a study released Thursday.

In December 2018, engagement rose 18%, compared with the average engagement rate outside of the holiday season, from February through October, according to LinkedIn.

Holiday keywords also assist in prompting engagement. Marketers using holiday keywords such as New Year and Christmas see engagement rise, particularly with Sponsored Content.

“While B2B brands aren’t necessarily selling gifts, ensuring a brand’s message incorporates the spirit of the holiday season with key terms will boost conversions and convert buyers into long term loyalists,” writes Reem Abeidoh, head of global GTM at LinkedIn, in a blog post. “We can’t forget that decision makers at B2B companies are, at the end of the day, consumers, too.”

LinkedIn members may be more generous with their time. They are more likely to volunteer to hear from brands during the holiday season.

Lead-generation form submission rose 22% in December. By the second week of January, when members are likely to be done with the holidays and ready to start a new year with new goals, engagement rates were even higher than in November.  

B2B Computer Software brands served 13 times more seasonal ads on LinkedIn than any other industry. The top five highest-performing brands in Computer Software serving seasonal ads saw 2.6 times higher click-through rates on average.

High-Tech saw the highest impression rate with holiday ads, with 5 times more ad impressions than average across all industries during the holiday season, followed by Finance at 3 times and Corporate at 1.3 times.

One more thing to remember, Abeidoh says, is that marketers should think about what inspired and motivated them when it comes to content because it’s the content that creates a human connection.

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