Are You Making the Right Choice of “RICH MEDIA” In Your Emails?

— May 27, 2017

Nowadays, brands are harnessing rich media like GIFs, videos, and cinemagraphs as powerful tools for showcasing their offerings via email marketing campaigns. However, it is crucial that you make the right choice of these rich media elements, considering your brand and industry. GIFs may be effective for the ecommerce industry while cinemagraphs can work wonders for restaurants and videos might be great for event marketing.

Now how do you decide whether to use GIF, Cinemagraph, or Video?

Let’s take into account different real life illustrations to enlighten you regarding the right usage of Rich Media elements.

1. Promotional Emails

Assume you wish to send a promotional email showcasing the hotel amenities you offer…
In such a scenario, you can use GIFs and “show” what you offer.

2. Multiple Offers

If you are sending out an email promoting multiple offers, GIFs are once again a safe bet. Whether you are a retail or ecommerce industry or a travel company, you can make use of GIFs instead of multiple static images.

3. Highlight an Offer

Cinemagraph is a great idea if you wish to highlight a single offer in your email. The seamless looping in the cinemagraph and the subtle movement make for a wonderful user experience, besides drawing special attention to the offer.

4. Events and Product Launches

Videos in email work really well for event invitations and meeting reminders. Product-based companies can leverage “Explainer Videos in Emails” to drive more sales.

5. Newsletters

Animated GIFs and videos work the best for newsletters and keep the subscriber engaged with the brand. Instead of boring plain text emails, it is recommended that you make your newsletters interesting with rich media.

6. Emails Displaying the Varieties Available in a Single Product

A variety of colors, materials, or styles in a particular product can be displayed more effectively through GIFs in an email. Fashion industry professionals, are you reading this?

7. Occasion Email Marketing

You can make your holiday email rise above the “noise” in your subscribers’ inbox by using GIFs and cinemagraphs. Isn’t it awesome to have Christmas wishes or birthday greetings conveyed by an awesome animation?


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