App Intelligence Platform appFigures Releases “Cards” For Sharing User Reviews

  • The idea is to make it as easy as possible for an app publisher to share any praise.


    User reviews are important to any new release, but especially to mobile apps. With so many apps out there, the experience of other users becomes a key differentiator.

    But if a fan or an app publisher wants to send a good review around, it usually involves cutting and pasting or taking and cropping a screenshot of the review in the app store. Both techniques leave room for improvement in presentation and the time involved.

    App store intelligence provider appFigures has a better idea. It is today releasing Review Cards for its platform, so that user reviews from major app stores can be readily shared. For its subscribers, appFigures delivers stats outside of the app itself, including info on downloads, reviews, rankings and other such metrics.

    The Cards are generated web pages whose colors automatically match the app maker’s logo, for sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Medium and elsewhere.

    When you tweet within the Card to share it on Twitter, a screen shot of the Card is automatically included. The Cards deliver such analytics as total views or source to the app publisher. Of course, the Cards also include a link to the app itself in chosen app stores.

    For 20 supported languages, the reviews can also be sent via a single click through Google Translate as the Card is created, so praise in one language is understood in another.

    CEO and co-founder Ariel Michaeli told me that although app tool-maker LaunchKit offers “something similar,” it’s only for iOS and does not automatically generate a logo-resembling color scheme.

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