Anonymous Reporting Systems Enhance Safety by Using Visitor Management Solutions

Visitor management systems have many different purposes and functions. They ensure increased safety by offering peace of mind for businesses, and they allow organizations the freedom to address other areas of concern in creating a successful management experience.

Organizations often have a lot of people walking in and out of their premises, and installing a CCTV camera at the entrance no longer proves to be regarded as enough workplace security. Further to avoid any data security breach or physical threat from unwanted and dangerous visitors, it is important to incorporate visitor management systems. These cloud-based solutions enhance the security of any workplace by identifying and recording the data and movement of every visitor in the office premises.

Ways in which a Visitor Management System ensures workplace security

Visitor management systems are much more beneficial and advanced than traditional paper logbooks as there is no room for human error and security breaches. Here are a few ways in which the visitor management system can enhance workplace security:

Monitors visitors coming in and going out of the office premises

The very first way in which visitor management systems enhance the security of workplaces and offices is by monitoring and recording the movements of people in and out of the office premises. With a visitor management system and digital reception in place, every individual who steps into the entrances of a workplace will need to submit personal data like phone numbers, e-mail ids, photographs, and so on. This data is then saved into the data-cloud for future reference. Placing these systems at the entrances of offices can easily deter and stop any criminal-minded or dangerous person from entering the premises. For offices with multiple entries and exit points, monitoring visitors with a centralized visitor management system is much more secure than installing CCTVs or appointing security guards.

Creates watchlists

Securing the premises for unwanted visitors is the requirement of many offices. Not all visitors are preferred to be in the organization premises. Due to different security reasons that might cause a security breach in the workplace premise, and hence certain visitors can be denied access to the secured premises. This can be done with the help of watchlists which are created and stored on the visitor management software systems. A quick background check of the visitor’s details on the database can help the system distinguish between wanted and unwanted visitors easily. Moreover, official authorities and employees can also categorize visitors into wanted and unwanted guests on the system.

Alerting with Real-time notifications

With the traditional visitor management system of entering information into logbooks, no office people could be instantly notified about a visitor coming to see them. It is very easy for any person to walk in and claim that a particular employee is supposed to meet them, even if the employee has no such plans for real. With visitor management software, employees can get instant real-time notifications and visitor alerts on their mobile phones. In case a visitor’s name is on the watchlist of the software, that particular visitor will be denied entrance in the building.

Ensures compliance by visitors

In case a few of the workplace requires the visitors to sign certain legal documents such as Non-disclosure agreements, on-site rules, waivers, etc., visitor management software systems can ensure compliance to these by visitors. These documents can be stored on the cloud and given to visitors on the centralized visitor management system. Once their digital signature is procured, these systems store this information on its cloud and provide access to the premises. In the event that a visitor does not comply with the legal requirements, the software notifies the officials immediately and denies access to the premises.

Visitor ID Badges

The security of workplaces, organizations, and offices are at high risk with the traditional employee key cards and paper visitor passes. These can be easily misplaced, misused, and tampered in accordance with security concerns. A traditional visitor pass issued manually can be misused and reused by visitors multiple times, thereby compromising the security of the workplace. As such, workplaces should resort to issuing visitor ID batches digitally. A visitor management digital reception gives each visitor an ID badge that cannot be tampered with and cant be issued without the security check. These ID badges consist of the photograph of the visitor, the name of the person they are visiting, and the expiry date and time as well. Hence, these cannot be used by the visitor to access the office premises after a certain time limit.

Emergency Evacuation and Response

In case an unwanted visitor makes it through the entrance, everybody is alerted and notified through the prompt alert system. If such a situation poses serious threats, an emergency evacuation can be easily carried out through a visitor management system. It will locate not only the whereabouts of the visitor movement but will also monitor the employees’ movements and make sure employee safety.


Managing the security of employees and visitors is the primary concern of all workplaces. An effective visitor management software can protect workplaces and fence the offices against all possible security breaches, and increase work efficiency.

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