Amazon Music Highlights Voice Search Through Alexa In Latest Campaign

Amazon Music Highlights Voice Search Through Alexa In Latest Campaign

by  @lauriesullivan, August 17, 2018

Amazon Music announced the launch of a new advertising campaign titled A Voice is All You Need to highlight powerful vocals of notable songs and the simplicity of using voice on Alexa to search for music. 

Ariana Grande, Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Queen, and Kane Brown are the featured artists in the campaign at launch. “The pairing of these artists’ iconic vocals from some of their most popular songs with dynamic visuals, demonstrate the ease and power of using your voice to find the music you love on Amazon Music,” wrote an Amazon spokesperson in an email to MediaPost. The ad creative, developed with global agency Wieden+Kennedy, celebrates the growth of Amazon Music and lead in voice while playing off powerful, yet isolated vocals from notable artists. On Monday, Amazon launches the first video creative. Kendrick Lamar and SZA are featured in “All The Stars” for Amazon Music

This is one of four animated videos launching throughout the next month. The videos for A Voice Is All You Need combines Alexa requests with vocals from songs including Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry”; Kendrick Lamar and SZA’s “All The Stars”; Kane Brown’s “Lose It,” and the unrivaled voice of Queen’s legendary Freddie Mercury singing “Somebody to Love,” followed by excerpts of each artist’s hit songs to demonstrate the powerful impact of voice with Amazon Music.  

“Through the creative, voice becomes the hero,” the spokesperson wrote.

The ability to use one’s voice has been a key driver in the growth and success of Amazon Music. For the campaign, Amazon tapped into animation to bring to life “powerful voices” and connect back to the music service’s encouraging consumers to use their own voice on mobile or other devices.

The multi-channel awareness campaign incorporates media across online video, out-of-home, social platforms, network and streaming radio, digital display, search, and select creative airing nationally on TV later this year. 

Amazon Music hours streaming globally on Alexa-enabled devices has doubled during the past six months compared with the same time last year.

A Voice is All You Need will begin appearing today in select U.S. cities and expand to the U.K. and Germany throughout the year across media channels including national online video, radio, and out-of-home billboard advertisements in support of upcoming new releases. Search Marketing Daily