6 Tips to Improve Conversions

September 22, 2015

Many businesses — even some large, established brands — make the mistake of using the same landing pages for every entry point, including email, PPC and social. Each entry point, however, requires its own unique landing page. This is never more true than it is for social media. Social visitors are coming to you from every step of the funnel — they may know nothing about your brand, or they may be ready to make a purchase but are investigating your social presence. Here are six tips to get the most out of your social landing pages.

1. Create More Landing Pages

Social marketing campaigns almost always do better when there are enough landing pages to support lead generation efforts. Research shows that conversions jump considerably when the number of supporting landing pages jumps from 10 to 15. When that number increases to 40, conversions spike even more.

2. Use Social-Friendly Calls to Action

Calls to action are among the most important elements on social landing pages, yet they are often considered only as an afterthought. Make calls to action short, but powerful by using just a few strong action words. If you embed CTAs in videos, don’t wait until the end — most visitors won’t make it that far. Make sure your CTAs stand out from the rest of the page — use contrasting colors and make sure you put your CTAs above the fold.

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3. Use Video

The addition of video can dramatically improve conversion rates on landing pages — especially social landing pages, where top-of-the-funnel visitors may need an explainer to become acquainted with your brand. Statistics show that more than 90 percent of shoppers are influenced by video marketing.

4. Don’t Forget Your International Customers

There is a higher probability that your social landing pages will receive international customers than any other set of landing pages. Use analytical software to determine where your international visitors are coming from, and use good translation software to break down language barriers. Create a basic bill of lading to make international shipping easier for you, your buyers and customs officials.

5. Conduct A/B Split Testing

The only way to know if you could be achieving more conversions is to run A/B split testing. Alter variables such as images, videos, color schemes, fonts and calls to action. When you find a formula that works better than the last, continue running new split tests on different variables. You should conduct A/B testing throughout the life of each landing page.

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6. Back up Landing Pages with Confirmation Pages

Remember that there is still work to be done after you achieve conversion. The ultimate goal — especially on social landing pages — is to turn your customers into brand ambassadors. Follow social landing pages with confirmation pages that encourage your customers to click share buttons, which let them talk about their experiences back on social media.

Social landing pages are different than any other landing pages you create. Focus on strong, visible calls to action. Use video to sway or inform customers, conduct split testing to spur constant improvement and always create enough pages to back up your lead-generation efforts.

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