Building Your 2016 Content Strategy [Infographic]

by Meaghan McBee February 24, 2016
February 24, 2016

With a sizeable 90% of consumers finding custom content valuable (TMG Custom Media), it’s no surprise that many brands strive to craft a content strategy around information unique to their business. Building a solid content strategy based on trends and statistics is the key to reaching your marketing goals every year. But with so much data to digest, knowing where to start is sometimes tricky.

When you have a solid content strategy in place, reaching your target audience and converting leads to sales is an achievable ambition. Many seasoned marketers tackle this through a blend of expert, branded, and user content that delivers valuable information on a variety of channels. While you may know exactly which channels best fit your brand, identifying measurable goals and objectives (such as better engagement and boosted sales) is another important part of building your content strategy.

What else is involved in the process? Budgeting for success and outlining how you’ll create custom content are other important steps to building a marketing plan that shines. As 62% of companies outsource their marketing content (Demand Metric), following the Do’s and Don’ts of outsourced content creation just might give you the upper hand in the competitive world of digital marketing. Read on for more helpful tips and statistics that you can use as you begin preparing a successful content strategy for 2016.

ZenContent Content Strategy

At first glance, building a strategy rich with unique visuals may seem like a daunting task for any business or brand to take on. While you may not be able to produce blockbuster videos for YouTube, you can start off trying short clips that introduce your audience to your brand or give valuable information about what you have to offer. As HubSpot reminds us, it’s okay to start with a quick and simple video that repurposes your content when you’re just starting out.

Once you get going, let the creativity flow and always be mindful of how your audience responds to different types of content. Following a measurable, outlined plan that works best for you and your company and sticking to a realistic budget is the key to success with content strategy.

Infographic originally posted on ZenContent’s blog.

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