5 Ways to Strengthen Your Online Video Strategy

— February 9, 2017

A few weeks ago on the BuzzPlant Blog we laid out our four resolutions for creating better video content in 2017. We committed to:

  1. Enhancing conversations (a major tenet of Finally Human).
  2. Measuring for attention.
  3. Meeting our audience on mobile.
  4. Not assuming audiences, but discovering

Google BrandLab recently released some actionable strategy tweaks that will help us achieve those resolutions. They’re so good that we thought we should share them here on the BuzzPlant Blog. Whether or not you share the same video content resolutions that we do, you probably have some online video strategy (or an interest in developing one?) that could benefit from Google BrandLab’s tips. Check out how they’re advising marketers and brands for 2017…

#1 Choose the right metric.
Who says “video views” are the best way to measure success? Sure, sometimes you want to reach as many people as you can. Other times you want to want to focus on achieving a high view-through rate, which shows you’re striking a chord with your audience. And then, in other instances, you may not care how many people are watching how much of your video… you just want them to click and buy, which makes click-through-rate and sales your most important metrics.

#2 Start small.
Here’s some common sense advice: you’re probably not going to come tearing out of the gate with a Super Bowl-worthy TV spot. And that’s okay. You don’t have to create the funniest, most viral video of the year. Do what you can. Learn from it. Be better next time. If you wait for perfection, you’ll be waiting forever.

#3 Go with long-term trends.
Unless you’ve got a dedicated video production house ready at the drop of a hat, you probably need to focus on long-term trends instead of short-term fads. Stick with evergreen topics. Produce videos that will be able to sit on the shelf and provide continuous value. See Google BrandLab’s example below. Which video would you rather own? The “running man challenge” video or the “how to dance” video?

#4 Be realistic about time.
There are times when a 30-second TrueView ad is a great length for telling a story. There are times when a six-second bumper ad is a better match. Learn how consumers engage with different ad formats, and choose the appropriate one.

#5 Celebrate the big moments.
Lastly, use your video content to celebrate the moments and milestones important to your consumer. Take your video content beyond your own campaigns and product launch dates; start talking about what matters to your audience.

What will your video content do this year?
What’s a key aspect of your online video strategy for 2017? Is there something in this blog post that resonates with you? Drop us a comment below!

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