5 Things I Learned About SEO From Watching The Super Bowl

by Kari Pritchard February 6th, 2015 

Kari Pritchard

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The Super Bowl is exciting for a lot of reasons. We get to witness excellent athletic prowess, nail-biting plays and an exciting half-time show.

On the surface, it is a grand entertainment spectacle. But if we look a little closer at some of the details, there are at least five things we can learn about SEO.

1. Never Give Up

Remember when the Seahawks regained the lead 17 seconds before the half? Amazing. Do you think the Seahawks saw that coming? Of course they did because they never gave up.

Was your site hit by a penalty? It might seem like a long shot, but if theres a will, theres a way. Hustle your team to create new content. Rush Google with disavows until they accept your pass. Intercept duplicate content from being created. If youre willing to give it everything youve got and never give up, you are sure to come out on top (at least until the last two minutes of play in the Seahawks case).

2. Appearance Can Be Everything

Are you humming and hawing over updating your 1990s website? Dont! The old saying never judge a book by its cover need not apply ” people will judge you (See my 1990s reference above). Just ask Katy Perry about her now famous flame outfit.

Making a bad design (or fashion) decision can hurt your business and trust me, people will notice. If your site looks tired and outdated, prospective consumers might think your customer service or product will be the same way.

3. Oldies Can Still Be Goodies

A huge Super Bowl trend I saw on social media and heard about in the office was the amazing comeback of Missy Elliott. Shes been flying under the radar since the early 2000s but her surprise appearance at the Super Bowl shot her back into the spotlight.

You can do the same with your content. If you dont have the budget or time to build a new eBook, repurpose some of your older content. Update some of your blogs to make them more current or take a larger piece of content and turn it into some smaller, easily digestible tip sheet. If Missy has taught us anything, its that you can indeed teach an old horse new tricks.

4. Nothing Is Impossible

One of the game highlights was that seemingly impossible catch by Seahawks receiver Jermaine Kearse. Im guessing there were not a lot of bets Sunday night on players making impossible catches because nobody wanted to lose money. But you know what Kearse showed us? Nothing is impossible.

If youre thinking about shaking up your marketing, give it a shot. A new idea might seem crazy, but sometimes thinking outside the box and taking a risk can pay off (within reason of course ” try and stay away from flame ensembles). If you still think the success of your idea is impossible, watch the video again.

5. Dont Be Reckless

You know what Im talking about. If you have one single yard to make a touchdown, its probably okay in this situation to take the easy way out. Especially if winning the Super Bowl is on the line.

However, sometimes taking the easy way out is not cool. Link building may seem like an easy way to gain momentum online, but can end up doing more harm than good to your business long-term. Dont risk your entire website by making a bad decision. When something so precious is at risk, think through your game plan before heading into action.

You Cant Make A Winner Overnight

Athletes practice and train all their lives to become pros. The same goes for your online presence. You cant expect instant success overnight. You must come up with a plan, follow through and review your decisions in order to keep your business looking and functioning at its best.

5 Things I Learned About SEO From Watching The Super Bowl
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