5 Signs That Your Best Employee is About To Quit

— May 3, 2018

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Finding the right fit is a big win for any business. The recruitment process takes time and resources. After such an intense exercise, every employer is happy to have the right person for a job.

When a good employee leaves a company, it is a significant setback. The replacement challenge exceeds getting another person qualified for the job. There is training and understanding the company way of doing things and relationships with clients, among other things. A valued employee is what every employer is after, hence you may want to look out for any signs that they are on their way out. Here are five signs.

1. Decline in output

When your best employee suddenly does not care about ranking top on the performance board, there is need to check up on them. Any employee planning an exit will shift in mind first, hence lack of morale in the current job. While less productivity may arise due to other factors, it is wise to find out the reason. You may end up winning them back before it is too late.

2. Less enthusiasm

If you notice less participation and excitement from a previously vibrant employee, a resignation letter may be in the future. No one is interested in sowing when they won’t enjoy the harvest. Fewer ideas and suggestions in the boardrooms, meetings, and new projects are an indicator that your star is about to dive. Get involved and find out if there is anything you can do to help.

3. Less time in the office

Again, no one invests where they will not reap. Employees that are about to resign want to spend minimal time working. They will, therefore, have endless engagements outside of the office. You will notice more off days, doctors appointments, home emergencies, and others. When absenteeism of your favorite worker becomes alarming, he or she is most likely trying to find a gentle way of breaking the news to you.

4. Change of attitude and behavior in the office

A team player who suddenly is butting heads with others and is distant or isolated is likely to be communicating a message. Another sign is if he or she has a lot of personal calls and wants to take them in private while initially, they would have taken them in the office. Most likely they are negotiating another job and do not want you to hear.

5. Updated career profiles

Online career profiles are a sure way of marketing oneself. If suddenly your employee is putting their best foot forward on their LinkedIn profile and sharing a lot of relevant updates, beware. People hardly care about their profile online when comfortable. But when looking for new opportunities, there is need to attract the right attention. Is his or her profile updated and polished? You need to worry.

As an employer, it is crucial to treasure and value performing employees. When your gut feeling tells you that one of your best workers is leaving, pay attention. Retaining them may cost you less than a replacement.

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