5 Changes Millennials Will Make in the Corporate World in 2016

December 31, 2015

new-years-day-1054594_1280-2Millennials are not new to the workplace anymore. In fact, this generation surpassed Gen X as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force during 2015. So, what can we expect this group to accomplish in 2016? Here are a few predictions:

Usher in more of a work life balance.

The Millennial generation is known for its need to have workplace flexibility. Unlike previous generations, Millennials truly understand the work life balance, and don’t feel guilty embracing it. As Millennials flood the workplace, companies will be forced to adapt to these new needs, and offer work from home or adjusted hours.

Shift in evaluation.

In today’s workplace, it’s common practice for management to evaluate employees on a set schedule, such as at the end of every quarter or year. Thanks to Millennials, who are in constant need of feedback and performance reviews, this set schedule will most likely shift in the year to come. Managers will begin to focus more on continuous improvement through regular conversation instead of formal evaluation meetings. Once the traditional ranking of employees is gone, this will lead to a healthier atmosphere with less cut-throat competition among co-workers.

The rise of social media.

There have been whispers of social media tools that will wipe out email in the office for the last few years, although none that have been introduced have quite lived up to expectations. Social media has become more and more accepted in the workplace in the last year or so, so now is the time for the right platform to step in and take over the workplace market. In 2016, many predict that there will be a bigger push to find a social media platform that can ultimately replace email. Imagine being able to talk to your co-workers, superiors and distributors in a Facebook-type platform instead of digging through your inbox for an email. This means huge, exciting changes to how companies do business today. How do Millennials fit into this? Millennials will probably not only be at the forefront of the creation of this new platform, but also the driving force in management accepting it into the workplace.

The decline of personal space.

Thanks to the increased mobility and option to work remotely that Millennials have demanded, employees will have less personal space in the workplace during 2016. In fact, because some offices may turn to using only remote workers, employees may be left with no permanent office space at all. Some companies may choose to rent out a shared workspace, where workers can meet periodically in a conference room setting, but overall, expect less space to call your own in 2016.

Freelancers will become more popular.

You know that workplace flexibility mentioned above? That will lead to some changes outside of the office space as well. Millennials will move to freelance work, where they can create their own schedules, choose who they work with, and flex their creative muscles. In 2016, expect companies to hire Millennial freelancers in areas such as content creation and social media strategy.

What changes do you predict Millennials will have in the workplace next year? Tell us in the comments below!

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