5 Benefits of Using Invoicing Software for Your Online Store

by Katy Mrvova November 13, 2015
November 13, 2015

Sufio gives insights on benefits of using invoice software

Do you have an online store? Terrific! Here’s the tough question. Do you create invoices for your customers manually? If so, then this post is a must-read for you. I’m here so you can better understand the benefits of using an invoicing software (automated invoicing) for your online store. There is no real reason as to why you should be spending time creating manual invoices.

First of all, do you know why you should not be creating manual invoices? Manual invoicing has a couple of major disadvantages. Not only does it take up loads of your time – time that could be used on plenty of other tasks – but it’s also quite easy to make costly mistakes in your invoices. This is especially true if you don’t keep them systematically in one place. Customers don’t like mistakes, and you want five-star reviews!

Without further ado, here’s your guide to understanding why automated invoices are your future.

1. You Save Hours of Time

Time is precious, everybody knows that. Having an invoicing software can save you plenty of it. Not only don’t you have to spend hours doing your invoices manually but you’ll also get paid faster. With an online invoicing tool you can be sure your invoice arrive on time and you’ll be able to easily track it – if you have picked the right eCommerce application for the task.

Some invoicing software tools even allow to pay the invoices online via PayPal or credit card with just one click of a button. That’s user-friendly and time saving, and what we like to call a double-win.

If you pick an invoicing app that creates and sends your invoices automatically, you don’t even have to think about your invoicing at all and rather you can focus on other things that running a business requires.

2. No More Paperwork

Paperwork is a hassle. When it comes to accounting, usually a picture of a person buried under the piles of folders and papers pops into our heads. With an online invoicing tool you don’t need to struggle with paperwork because you’ve got all your accounting online.

Automated invoicing software ensures correct numbering of invoices and the correct details inside the invoice. With a good service, as a merchant, you can filter your invoices by days, months or quarters, as well as download or print them so you can send them to your accountant.

Not in the office and someone needs an invoice? You no longer need to carry around a binder of paperwork. By having your invoices online, you just log into the the app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer and you’ve got all your accounting on you at any time.

paperless invoices for ecommerce

3. Keep Track of Your Money

Unlike in manual invoicing, invoicing software gets you a great general overview of all your orders and invoices. You never lose track of your debtors, hence you don’t lose your money. High-quality invoicing software sorts your invoices according to the state of the order, which allows you to keep track of your invoices based on different variables: sent, paid, due or overdue invoices.

Unlike a merchant that has to create invoices manually, with the help of an automated invoice software, you can send reminders in case your customer passes the payment due date (something you definitely want to keep track of)!

Finally, in regards to tracking your money, an invoicing software can also serve as your very own inventory check – you can properly keep track of all your sales, and what needs to be restocked.

4. Your Invoices are Legit

Having an invoicing app is particularly beneficial when it comes to legal matters. It is highly recommended (if not a must) that you keep records of your financial transactions to keep your accounting clear. An invoicing software ensures your “paperwork” is in order, and always on file. You’ve got plenty on your mind, invoices can now drift to the back now that you don’t have to devout hours to finding and preparing them for tax or other legal purposes.

As a seller, you know that invoices must meet certain standards according to the country’s tax policies. When you are selling to countries all over the globe that can become one heck of a headache trying to stay on top of the different invoices and tax rates! Some of the better invoicing apps will do all of that for you!

5. Invoices That Build a Brand

While excel sheets might be free, let’s face it – the invoices created with excel and similar tools just don’t look great. They may look good, but you need great.

Investing in an invoicing software ensures that your invoices will be (and look) professional. You need to keep in mind that every communication between you and your customer tells a great deal about you and your business. You want your actions to shout “professional” and not anything less than that. Even if it’s “just” invoices, this is one document sent by you to the customer that has just as much meaning as the product and is essentially part of your branding, and your brand’s message that the customer always comes first (that should be part of your brand’s values).

Above all, a great invoice shows that you care for your customers. Think of it as a part of your customer experience strategy. Now, the product, packaging, and buying process make up the customer experience along with a great invoice.

Sufio shows how to brand with invoice software

All of the advantages we’ve listed above exemplify exactly why you should be using an automated invoice software to simplify your accounting.

When you’re small or medium business owner, hiring an accountant is costly and can still take up a chunk of your time. With a good invoicing software you’ll be able to spend money that would be going to an accountant on awesome promotions instead.

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