Terrible Social Media Pitfalls to Avoid In 2015

February 3, 2015

Social Media MythsAre you a budding small business owner who has recently started off your new business? If you answered yes, you should be aware of the fact that the marketing and sales industry has drastically changed in the last 10 years. A decade ago, there was simply no existence of social media. But currently, social media has turned out to be one of the most successful methods of communicating with your potential customers.

In the current market, if you’re still someone who hasn’t embraced social media, you must be wondering where to start from and which social media networks to choose for your business. So that you may help yourself make the right choice from amidst the plethora of options available, let’s explore some of the most common social media myths. The concerns of this article list down some of the terrible social media pitfalls that you should steer away from.

Assuming that your customers are not interested in social media

Irrespective of your personal awareness of the subject of social media, your potential customers are most likely utilizing the social media. As per reports by Pew Research Center, about 75% of the adults are using the social media and hence there are high possibilities that some of your customers are also doing the same. Apart from this, reporters usually keep a track over the social media to capture some story ideas, services and products.

Assuming that you need to join every social media network

If you make the mistake of creating a profile in every social media network that’s available, this might not be worth it. As it is the businessmen have very little resources and time and on top of that if you engage yourself in every network, that can become an intimidating and time-consuming task as well. It’s vital to know about the particular social media channels that your customers use frequently so that you can target only those specific channels. If you’re new into social media, you may initially create your presence in Facebook and LinkedIn because both of these sites have perfect usage rates.

Assuming that you need to choose a single social media channel

Actually the above statement is a myth and it’s the opposite that makes sense. Just like your financial investments, investing your time in just one social media channel is mere foolishness. Don’t ever commit the blunder of dumping all your eggs in a single basket. While it is okay to focus on a single social media channel, yet if you end up creating a social media monopoly, this can certainly restrain the popularity of your brand.

Assuming that more content is better for you

Don’t ever over-post as less can sometimes be more. Make sure that you always spread information that is relevant and interesting and also valuable to your prospective customers. Research some keywords that are related to your business, trending news or some other vital message that you can share with customers and followers. Don’t make the mistake of sounding too promotional while delivering your messages. Educate, inspire and entertain.

Assuming that it’s fine to ignore the negative feedback: When you’re a business owner, your main job is to manage your brand reputation and always check so that it doesn’t get hurt. In order to fight against all the negative comments, it’s necessary to reply in an authentic and credible way that is supported with a plan to solve the issue. One more thing that you need to keep in mind is that when a new customer researches your product, the negative comments might spoil your brand image.

Hence, when you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner who is new into the industry and is looking desperately for ways to create the required effect among the consumers, make sure you embrace the social media. Just avoid making the above mentioned blunders as this can waste the desired effect that you’re trying to create.

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