4 Simple Copywriting Hacks To Quickly Boost Conversions

  • March 25, 2015

    Boosting your conversions is a killer way to supercharge your profits and sales. 

    You can literally make a simple tweak on one day, and be swept away by a powerful wave of change on the next.

    When it comes to conversions, you can focus on… powering up your offer, your design or your copy. Changes to any of these three things can create a huge spike in conversions.

    However hiring a designer that knows what he’s doing can cost a pretty penny, and changing your offer isn’t a simple task. So what’s the easiest and quickest answer? 

    Your Copy. 

    Copy is the easiest thing to tweak. You can do it yourself and generate an avalanche of sales, but the only problem is…you have to know how; and you haven’t got all the time in the world to learn. 

    So here 4 super powerful copywriting hacks that will help you create high converting copy in no time.

    Let’s go.

    1. Eat your prospects’ lunch 

    Your number one job as a business owner and marketer is to understand your customer. You should be comfortable moving in his world.


    Because if you don’t know your customer well, how on earth are you going to sell to him? 

    You won’t be able to sell products to overweight people unless you’ve been overweight yourself, or you’ve spent time and spoken to people who are overweight. 

    You won’t be able to empathise with the pains, problems and desires of business owners if you don’t what it’s like endure the same struggles as them. You have to know your customer inside out.

    What books do they read? What sites do they visit? What are their favorite pastimes?

    When you have a  white-knuckle grasp on the pains and problems of your customers, not only do you put your copy on steroids, you also strengthen your business because you’re able to hone in on what your customer’s desire. 

    Let’s say you’re selling a product that helps business owners increase profits through their website.

    If they’re new to the online world, your strategies on conversions and profit per sale won’t be useful because they’re not at that stage yet. They need help with generating traffic and growing their site first. 

    Whereas if your customers are business owners who have an established website with plenty of traffic, your conversion and monetization strategies will be a huge help. 

    To develop a deep level of insight into your customer’s world you can use surveys, questionnaires and interview your prospects. When you take time to get to know who you’re talking to…your copy become a sharp sniper that delivers emotionally powerful shots to your reader. Instead of vague descriptive statements that make no impact.

    1. Focus On Your Customer

    I have a smooth lock of hair, but one thing that makes me want to rip it out in frustration is the one conversion killing mistake that almost all business owners are guilty of… 

    Using facts and features to sell. Big Mistake.

    Your customers only care about what your product/service will do for them. That’s what your copy needs to tell them. 

    For your copy to sell effectively it has to paint a vivid picture of the benefit you provide. 

    The case studies below show the cash generating power of benefit driven copy. 

    Scandinavian fitness chain (Fitness World) switched their headline from “You Work Out Smarter At Fitness World” to “Group Training and Fitness At Your Local Gym” and increased membership sales by over 38%.

    What stands out about the change is how simple and “boring” it was. It wasn’t smart, cute or creative. It simply focused on the benefit to the end user and still did an excellent job.

    Another testament to the power of benefit driven copy is this case study here by contentverve.com.

    By simply adding three benefit driven bullet points to their newsletter, they skyrocketed their conversion by a massive 83.75%. Here’s what the changes looked like:

    Image from contentverve.com

    Image from contentverve.com

    The change worked well because it provided benefit driven, specific statements that tell the reader what he receives from the subscription and how he would benefit from it.

    It’s easy to make your copy more customer focused. Simply put yourself in your reader’s shoes and ask what do I actually get from this? How will it benefit me? 

    Answering those two questions in your copy will transform it from selfish and “salesy” to effective and highly converting.

    1. Make it Scannable

    When you’re on the web, how do you search for answer? 

    You quickly click on anything that looks like it’s of use to you, and if it isn’t helpful you click back off right?

    And you most likely scan information in search of the urgent solution you’re after. 

    Well, you’re not alone.

    79% of web users scan when they read. 

    That’s why it’s important to make your writing scannable and ensure that the meat of your copy is easy to spot.

    Making your copy scannable  is easy. Just do the following: 

    • Use bullets points
    • Use numbered lists
    • Emphasise important words
    • Have plenty of whitespace on the page
    • Use short sentences and paragraphs
    • Use subheadings that lead your reader down the copy

    See how all those points are easier to read and absorb because they’re in bullets? That’s making your writing scannable.

    1. Muscle Up Your Prose

    The last step towards boosting your conversions is to strengthen your copy by making your writing lean and muscular.

    Muscular writing is easier to read, it flows through the reader’s eyes and paints vivid desire arousing pictures in his head. Flabby writing gives your copy a lethargic, boring flow that fails to capture your prospects attention.

    So how do you chisel up your writing?

    There’s a ton of options available, but you can easily transform your copy from flabby to fit with these  2 steps.

    1. Front load sentences

    Frontloading means placing the meat of your sentence at the start and keeping your writing active. This quickens the pace of your sentences and conveys more meaning with less words. 

    1. Use Action Verbs

    One of my favorite copywriting quotes is from legendary copywriter, John Carlton.

    “ Adjectives are just fluff and air. Like tossing flowers out of your ad to get your prospects attention. Action verbs are like snarling bulldogs. Who race out of your ad,grab the reader and drag him back in,kicking and screaming.” 

    Too many writers use bloated fluffy adjectives to add descriptive power to their copy,when the answer lies in action verbs that force the reader to envision what the writer is saying.

    Take a look at these two sentences below, which one reads better? 

    “He hurriedly walked away from the large, scary power plant.”

    “He sprinted away from the monstrous power plant.” 

    See the difference between using adjectives and using action verbs?

    One sentence is limp, boring and harder to read. The other maximizes the power of each word to bring the sentence alive in the reader’s mind.


    If you’re struggling to inject more power into your copy with action verbs, check out Jon Morrow’s list of 317 power words to instantly make your writing better.


    If you are to leave this post with one main takeaway, it would be to research your customer and have a thorough understanding of his world.


    There you are, 4 quick copywriting tips that you could use today and make money with tomorrow. How do you go about increasing conversions?

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