4 Reasons Why Video Content is Important for your Business

Back in 2014, YouTube represented only 28 percent of all internet searches. Today, with more than 2 billion active users, it is one of the largest search engines and the second most popular social networking sites.

This clearly shows how powerful videos have become over the years. There’s no doubt that for a well-balanced marketing strategy, you’ll need both written and video content. But there’s also no denial of how rapidly videos are taking over the internet.

Almost every marketer is now using videos in their marketing campaigns to attract people’s attention. And why not? After all, using videos to engage your audience is much easier than using written content.

But that’s not the only reason why video content is important for your business. Let’s look at a few other reasons why you should use videos in your marketing strategy and how they can help your business.

1. Helps Convey your Message Better

Suppose you are given a situation in which you need to explain how to use a specific product to a section of your audience. Would it be easier to do so through written content or through a video?

Explaining even the most complex things becomes easy when you use videos over written content. This is especially true when you’re working on a tutorial, explainer videos, product tours, etc.

That’s because when you use a video to explain something, you get the chance to demonstrate every step more accurately and cover the minutest detail of your product or service for your audience.

As a result, you can convey your message more accurately and effectively. It also allows your users to know what exactly to expect when they buy your product or service because it gives them a real-time view of it.

2. Boosts Conversion

Using video content in your marketing campaign can significantly boost your conversions as well. This is particularly true if you use videos on your landing pages. By using videos to demonstrate your product, you let your audience have an overview of your product or service, the details of which are best covered by a video.

This has various advantages. First, these videos will enhance your website look and engage your audience on your site for longer. Second, it helps reduce your bounce rate. Third, it will help your audience make an informed decision. And lastly, it will boost your conversions by encouraging people to take action.

3. Promotes Shares

Have you ever seen a video and decided to share it because of how interesting it is? In the age of WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms, sharing videos and making them go viral is nothing new.

If people like a video, they don’t take a second to think before hitting the share button below it. The same can happen with your videos as well. Getting more shares will increase your visibility and increase brand awareness.

When that happens, people will start recognizing you, and they will start trusting you as well. It’s a great way of building credibility for your business and attracting new leads.

A good way to encourage your audience to share your videos is to embed your YouTube profile on your official website. This will let your audience know about your videos and encourage them to share them too.

Products like Smash Balloon lets you do it easily. The best thing about this tool is that you don’t even need any prior knowledge to use it. Just install it on your WordPress website and get ready to have a customized social feed for your site.

4. More Convenient to Consume

Another important reason why you need to use videos in your marketing strategy is that people find them easy to consume.

Rather than reading a two-page long article, people find it more convenient to watch a video. So it’s easier to engage them with videos rather than with written content.

These are some of the reasons why you need to use videos in your marketing strategy. But remember, no matter how popular video content may be, to be able to engage your audience, you have to create quality content that’s not only interesting but is educational too. People won’t be interested in your videos if they don’t find them valuable. So make sure that your audience gets to learn something from your videos, too, apart from solely using them to promote your business.

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