“I See, I Like, I Never Come Back.” Facebook Engagement Getting You Down?

February 4, 2016

So you believe in the power of social media and you are trying to stay the course. Your content is on target, and you post with a regular frequency.

And yet no one is liking, sharing or commenting on your posts! Why?

There’s no question that Facebook is a great place to find new customers and promote your brand. According to the Pew Research Center, Facebook’s large base of users continues to be very active. Fully 70% engage with the site daily (and 45% do so several times a day), a significant increase from the 63% who did so in 2013.

So if your facebook engagement seems a little slow perhaps one of the following tactics can help get your audience more active.

Ask a Question

Asking questions while posting will get more engagement if the question you are posing is interesting to your fans. It can be anything from asking them for advice, to sharing their thoughts on the subject, as long as you stay relevant to your brand.

Be Visual

Photos or images will get more attention from your audience, especially if you have a good designer or use a tool like Canva to make your images more interesting.

According to research conducted by Social Bakers, photos accounted for 75% of content posted by Facebook pages worldwide. There’s a good reason why it is so popular.

Include Videos

Videos bring more attention to the message you are trying to convey and Facebook now has the option to upload videos to your timeline. Because of this feature, interactions on Facebook videos have increased while it has decreased for YouTube videos!

So instead of sharing Youtube links, upload your video for more Facebook engagement. Make sure you optimize your video with an interesting title, description and keywords before sharing.

Hold a Contest

People love receiving prizes. So having contests and giveaways on your page if aligned to your engagement metric can go a long way. For example, you can get people to like your page or share one of your posts to be part of a lucky draw. Host one every week and you’ll not only get both more people liking, sharing or commenting on your page, but you’ll also start getting on the radar of their friends as well.

Try Paid Promotions

Facebook ads is a great way to increase your reach, even if your budget is small. To do this effectively, pick your best posts (the ones that have already done well organically) and promote those. Alternately you can promote your page to a select target audience for a short time to expand your reach.

Share Other People’s Posts

Find the top influencers in your field and start following their posts. If you find something interesting, share it on your page with a comment or a question. When you share an influencer’s post, it not only can get more engagement on your page, but there is also a greater chance of the influencer repeating the favor by sharing and commenting on your posts.

Remember, facebook engagement is all about starting a conversation with your audience. Don’t ignore it because posting without working on engagement can come across like advertising and make people hide your page.

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