4 Creative Tools to Boost Your Social Media Branding Efforts

Your brand image rests on how customers perceive your business. It’s not possible to have complete control over how your business looks to your audience. So, the aspects that you can control need to be leveraged to their fullest potential.

Your logo design, brand colors, typography, and other elements like sounds and music can all help you present your business well. The choices you make will showcase your values and also make you appear more professional.

When working on your brand image on social media, you’ll need to have the following elements as part of your kit:

  • Your brand logo, it’s authorized variations, usage principles, sizing, and other details
  • Typography and how they are to be used on your website, stationery, and other content
  • Brand colors for your website, stationery, packaging, social media, and more
  • Sounds, music, introduction to videos, and other auditory content that’s meant to help users recognize your brand
  • A brand avatar or ‘face’ that represents your business, for example – Sullie is the mascot of the form plugin brand WPForms
  • Brand usage guidelines for internal and external users
4 Creative Tools to Boost Your Social Media Branding Efforts

Creating branding guidelines helps build a consistent brand image

You’ll use these elements on your social media and rely on them to help audience members associate your brand with high-quality content and products.

To create and manage social media branding, you need to have the right marketing tools in place. I’d like to share the kinds of tools you should start working with to make your branding efforts easier. Sounds interesting? Let’s check out some awesome creativity tools for you!

Social media management tools

An important part of your branding efforts involves posting content on a regular basis. This means that you need to plan, create, and publish posts as a continuous job. When you consider that you have to do this for multiple platforms, you’ll see that using a social media management tool can make your branding activities more efficient.

A social media management platform will allow you to post content to several social networks at once. You can schedule your posts for future dates. And you’ll be able to monitor brand mentions, hashtags, and conversations of interest.

With a social media management platform, you’ll be able to respond to people sooner and boost your brand image. A good tool will reduce your work and free you to focus on engagement and content creation.

Storytelling creators

Today, most social networks have ‘Stories’ or some variation of them as part of their features. Stories consist of short-form content that typically disappears after 24-hours.

Another variation that is popular today is short videos lasting a minute or less in the manner of Tik Tok. So, although there are differences, there’s also a lot in common between Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Reels, Twitter’s new Fleet feature, and Facebook’s Stories too.

What’s common in these content formats is that the content media is mixed and brings together short videos, images, text, emojis, and even polls.

To create story-type content, you’ll need a storytelling content creation tool that allows you to make great visuals that incorporate videos, text, images, and other elements. You’ll find free tools with features that are great for small businesses and individuals. You can also upgrade to get more features.

4 Creative Tools to Boost Your Social Media Branding Efforts

Header creator tools

One reason why social media content creation is so arduous is that different platforms require different image and video dimensions. Along with graphics for your daily social media content, you also need to create headers, profile pictures, and other visuals for your main profile pages.

There are many header creator tools available that give you premade templates with the right dimensions for each social media network.

Having a well-made header image that fits the network’s suggested dimensions will ensure that your profile pictures and headers look good on mobile and desktop profiles.

Look for free header creator tools. However, if you do opt for a paid or premium version of such a tool, you’ll be able to resize your images with just a click and get other great features.

4 Creative Tools to Boost Your Social Media Branding Efforts

Simple graphics designing tool

We just looked at types of content tools that focus on specific actions or activities. You also need to have a creative tool that will let you build content for everyday social posts.

Fortunately, today, it’s wholly unnecessary to invest in professional photo editing tools and graphic design software to create awesome visuals.

You have free content creation tools with templates, guides, and intuitive tools that anyone can work with to make graphics for social media. It’s a good idea to try different platforms and work with them for some time to discover the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

You’ll soon find that you have a preference and can work with a simple graphic design tool to create your social media content.


Your branding efforts on social media play a critical role in your business’s success. Today, people explore a business’s social media to learn more about a company. They look at activity levels, how you engage with the audience, and the quality of your content to figure out if they can trust your business.

You need to support your branding activities by using the right tools. The tools recommended here will make it easier for you to build and manage content. You’ll have finer control over the impact of your content and as a result, will see growth in your business.

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