3 Ways to Use Video to Engage Your B2B Audience This Holiday Season

by Kathy Berardi November 11, 2015
November 11, 2015

The holidays are an ideal time for communicating your gratitude or well wishes for a joyful season to your clients, partners, prospects and other key audience members. Video is a creative way to get your message across or share a personal greeting from your team. Since anything video-related typically takes longer to produce than simpler forms of content, it’s best for B2B companies that wish to develop a holiday video to start thinking about it and planning now.

Not sure where to begin?

Here are three quick-start ideas on how to use video in your holiday communications:

1) If you wish to communicate a Thanksgiving greeting, consider interviewing internal staff on what they’re thankful for. Then take each interview and boil it down to one or two lines from each person and use them to produce a fun video set to music and to be sent out embedded in an email card and/or posted to YouTube. You might also consider posting each employee interview at its full length as part of a holiday-timed series of blog or social media posts. Thanksgiving is an ideal time to reinforce your brand via social media and email and connect it to a spirit of gratitude.

2) Video can also be a way to “give back” by using it to promote a nonprofit in your holiday communications. For example, if your company helps raise funds for a specific philanthropy, or employees gather gifts to donate or serve meals to those in need, consider interviewing the nonprofit’s leader while also highlighting your company’s volunteer activities. A video that shows your involvement can encourage others to help in their own way.

3) Not every video has to revolve around live action or interview content. Holiday-themed animation and motion graphics are also a very high impact and entertaining way to engage an audience. If you normally send out a text-based greeting, or even one with artwork, consider looking at such content almost as an infographic. Simply break up pieces of that infographic into a beginning, middle and an ending, and voila! You now have a story breakdown on which to base a short animated or motion graphics video with music.

The holidays are a time for people to get together with friends and family. Holiday videos in particular are treasured content that will be watched by generations. On a similar plane, integrating your company’s holiday greetings into video is a sure way to emotionally resonate with your target audience at this key time of year.

This post originally appeared as a video marketing advice column on Kathy Berardi’s LinkedIn Pulse. 

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