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Stop Looking for Mentors: Instead, Find Strong Partnerships

Carrie Majewski — July 11, 2017 Follow @Carrie_Majewski — July 11, 2017 PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay A few years ago, I believed in the power of mentors—of scouring the land for the brightest, most passionate, exceedingly selfless mentors who could impart pearls of career wisdom. As the best-selling business books and keynoters all contend: find mentors, … Continue reading Stop Looking for Mentors: Instead, Find Strong Partnerships

Can We Self Coach?

Dave Brock — June 12, 2017 Follow @davidabrock— June 12, 2017 I posed a question on LinkedIn, “Can we self coach?” The responses are interesting and, for the most part, thoughtful. Paul Lanigan made a comment that neatly sums up my thinking: “The whole idea of a coach is to shine a light on what … Continue reading Can We Self Coach?

Are You Coachable?

Dave Schoenbeck — October 27, 2016 Follow @daveschoenbeck— October 27, 2016 Being coachable is the key to growing and achieving the life you want, both personally and professionally. Yet the truth is not everyone is willing to change or has the drive to progress. In other words, one needs to either possess or build certain … Continue reading Are You Coachable?