3 Ways for Your Small Business to Use Snapchat Today

— March 31, 2017

The digital age is one of frenetic energy and change and Snapchat is an excellent tool for marketing and brand awareness to Millennials and Generation Z. If you have 13 to 34-year-old customers (or want to have them), you ought to consider getting your brand on Snapchat because 60 percent of this audience are on Snapchat. The average user:

  • Opens the app 18 times a day.

  • Spends 25 to 30 minutes on the platform.

  • Sends 16 snaps daily.

Since Snapchat is not as saturated as other social media platforms, and it is still an innovation leader, the time is now to be on Snapchat, build brand awareness and develop a broader base of customers and social media followers.

Here are three things you can do right now to hit the ground running on Snapchat:

  1. Various Ways to Tell Your Story: Snapchat is a great tool to tell your story and be creative about it! Snapchat has been on the forefront of revolutionizing new ways to reach audiences with geofilters, ads and sponsored lenses (which are being copied by other social media platforms). The company is the undisputed leader of the future of social media.

Snapchat sends the signal to your customers and supporters that you’re current, fresh and know how to be amusing. And in today’s more casual atmosphere, it helps your audience understand you don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re excellent at what you do, but you also know how to have fun. Businesses are having success reaching a new customer base through Snapchat. Social media has helped millions of start-ups and small businesses do away with the slick media productions and simply be who they are in a transparent and refreshing way.

Get your team to share snaps on Snapchat. Take advantage of the geofilters, lenses, relax and have fun. Get your “creative” on because it’ll help your bottom line.

  1. Disappearing Content Can Get Your Followers Engaged: Snapchat’s innovations began as the architect of the disappearing content. After an end-user had viewed the post or text, the content disappeared (although now there are ways to save it).

Disappearing content is here to stay, and companies have started to get into the game. It’s not difficult for practically any business to do a promotion on Snapchat that will help a larger target audience. Companies have launched innovative campaigns to raise brand or cause awareness.

During the Super Bowl, Audi collaborated with The Onion and posted humorous pictures and captions during the game.

  1. Snapchat Can Help Your Brand Exposure: Small businesses and start-ups want to get the most they can from brand exposure. Although a sizable portion of Millennials and Generation Z are on Snapchat, because the platform doesn’t have a feature where others not following you can see what your sharing, you have to be creative in growing your fan base within Snapchat.

It’s not hard, however, to be as innovative and creative as Snapchat. Promote your Snapchat profile across your digital media. Then, encourage new users to find you by marketing and promoting a free giveaway. There’s nothing like a giveaway to get more people to learn about your brand.

Once you’re started to use Snapchat regularly, you’ll want to get a handle on the performance metrics. An excellent tool to use is Snaplytics. Using this Snap social media management tool will help you get analytics and even competitor data. Performance metrics using Snaplytics include total followers, follower growth, open and screenshot rates, and competitor posts and other metrics.

If you’re looking to expand your fan and customer base, Snapchat can serve as the perfect vehicle to engage with Millennials and Generation.

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Author: Wayne Elsey

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