3 Simple Ways to Start Generating More Traffic with Video Starting Today

— March 1, 2018

Video marketing is the “it” tool for growing your brand. It’s become the first line of action of digital marketers, andsmall businesses that have taken control of their own marketing strategy.

Video is engaging, it builds trust and provides value. What more could you want?

How about more traffic?

Even the best video strategy leaves room for improvement. There’s always a way to get better results.

Thankfully, with video, this doesn’t include reinventing the wheel. Often the best strategy for generating more traffic comes from small changes. So, in honor of Cupid this month, let’s look at a few quick tips to get your video marketing strategy some extra customer love.

3 Simple Ways to Start Generating More Traffic with Video Starting Today

Think Bite Size

You have a craving. You want a snack.

Really, who doesn’t love a snack? They’re quick little bites that might be nutritious and packed with energy, or something a little sweet and fluffy to brighten your mood. Oh, in case you didn’t realize, this isn’t a discussion about meal planning. It’s about video.

Bite size, or snackable. video content is going to generate more traffic for your brand.

From your audience’s perspective, shorter pieces of video are engaging, entertaining a require minimal time investment on their part. This means they’re more likely to hang around till the end, where real conversions happen.

For you, bite size video is easier, and less costly, to produce. It’s a win for everyone.

How can your brand use bite size content to your advantage? The world’s your oyster, but let’s look at one of the most popular types of bite size content, a learning video.

Let’s say you’re a tax preparer, and you’re crazy busy this time of year. You want to create video content that provides value for your clients, generates more traffic and maybe answers some of the questions you get 1,000 times a day. Your solution? An explainer video on tax preparation.

There’s two ways to go here. Quick, individual pieces of content running less than a minute or so each that cover one topic, or a longer, interactive learning video that can be consumed in bite-size pieces. There’s no right or wrong, but here are few things to keep in mind.

  • Keep your message tight and concise. There’s no room for fluff.
  • Stick to one idea per bite.
  • Determine one goal or outcome for each piece.
  • Make sure it’s mobile-friendly.

3 Simple Ways to Start Generating More Traffic with Video Starting Today

Go Native

If you’re aren’t using native video, making the switch is one the fastest and easiest ways to generate more traffic from social media.

Native video is content that’s created and uploaded on a social network, as opposed to coming in from links to other sites. You’re probably aware of Facebook’s changes in how they’re prioritizing content, and native video will help you keep an advantage during the shift.

The central issue here is that people are tired of being sold to. It’s getting to the point that any time there’s a link you run the chance of falling into click bate or ending up somewhere you didn’t want to be. Native content doesn’t come with the same “risks”, so more of your audience will click and engage.

Additionally, sites like Facebook want to protect their user experience, so they’re going to favor native content, meaning more exposure and more traffic for you.

Aim Higher on Instagram

To get the most bang out of video content you need to post it wherever it’s going to get the most love from your audience. Not just any audience, YOUR audience. This is one of the rules of marketing. Know your audience and reach out to them. Don’t make them come to you.

So, it’s only natural then that you use analytics to determine where you’re going to find your audience. On social media, age is one of the biggest defining factors. For example, Facebook has a wider age range than Snapchat, where 75% of its users are 34 or younger.

You might already be aware of the standard demographics. They’ve been pretty set in stone, without much change at all in years. Except, now we’re seeing some shifts.

Millennials, the largest segment of users on almost every platform, are growing up. The oldest of this generation are nearing their 40th birthdays. Plus, we’re also at a point where social media is so mainstream that older generations that were previously put off my social media are gaining more interest.

While the largest chunk of Instagram users is in the 18-24 range, a full third of them are in the next age bracket of 30-49. What’s more is that we’re also seeing a growing number of 50-64 years olds, with nearly 1 in 5 people in this age bracket loving the network.

What does this mean for generating more traffic with video?

It’s time to look at your prime social networks and maybe rethink your old strategy, especially with Instagram.

You don’t need to go full in on an Instagram video campaign, at least not yet. But, it is time to test the water and see what results you get. Start by setting up a professional Instagram account, start interacting and gather some followers, and then try out your video strategy. It’s a low-level investment in terms of both time and money that can generate more traffic from a previously untapped portion of your market.

3 Simple Ways to Start Generating More Traffic with Video Starting Today

There’s no reason to settle for ho-hum results from your video marketing strategy. Generating huge success is all about understanding the nuances that make video great. These three tips will get you started, but there’s so many places video can take your brand. It’s a great time for video marketing.

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