3 Advertising Tactics That Generate Leads On Facebook

— January 4, 2017

3 Advertising Tactics that Generate Leads on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook is a great way to reach marketing goals like driving calls to your business, increasing website visits, and growing engagement. But, did you know you can generate leads on Facebook, too?

In our 5 in 15 Webinar: 5 Ways to Get Leads from Facebook Ads, ReachLocal’s Product Manager went over some of the tactics you can use on Facebook to put together the right lead generation strategy.

Here are three Facebook advertising goals you can use to generate leads:

1. Lead Ads

Lead Ads are a relatively new Facebook advertising tactic that allows users to convert from your ad directly on Facebook. With Lead Ads, users complete a form on your Facebook ad that is already prepopulated with information they’ve provided to Facebook, like their name, phone number, and email address, which makes it easier for them to submit a form and become a lead.

This type of campaign is ideal if you plan to follow up or call leads back, and works great with a lead management software. Lead Ads are also great for businesses with longer sales cycles where potential customers may need more information about your business or your product/service before making a purchase.

2. Website Clicks

Website Clicks is a Facebook advertising type that drives users to convert on your website. This campaign is ideal for product-based sales or e-commerce like a retail store or pet supplies business. Website Clicks works best with Facebook pixel tracking so you can see how many Facebook users are visiting your website and making a purchase or taking the next step to becoming your customer.

3. Local Awareness

Local Awareness is a type of Facebook advertising campaign that encourages people to call or walk in the door of your business. This type of campaign is ideal for local services or impulse sales, like a nail salon, where customers typically convert by booking an appointment or visiting the store. Local Awareness campaigns are hyperlocally focused, so you can target Facebook users in a specific radius near your business.

Determining how your customers typically contact and buy from your business – either online, via phone, or in-person – can help you figure out which advertising strategy you should use to generate leads on Facebook.

Are you using Facebook advertising for lead generation? Let us know in the comments! And, download our free webinar, 5 Ways to Get Leads from Facebook Ads, to learn more about generating leads on Facebook today.

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