12 Ways To Create Blog Titles That Brings Massive Traffic

August 21, 2015

Writing blog titles is easy, but writing blog titles that could bring in massive traffic is a whole other story. To write great blog titles, you’ll need to first understand what kind of titles attract the most traffic and has the highest click through rate. Once you’ve understood these factors, you’ll be able to craft blog titles that bring real traffic to your blog.

Below are 12 ways you could use to easily create blog titles that will bring massive traffic to your blog:

1) Write About Trending Topics


Trending topics get a high volume of searches because they’re what people are currently most interested in. Consider visiting a social media site like Reddit or Twitter and looking to see what people are talking about.

From there, give your company or industry’s perspective on the matter, with an eye towards providing new and useful data. There’s always something new trending in society, so this is a resource that never runs out.

2) Get Inspired By Reading Other Blogs

If you’re not reading other blogs, you’re missing out on your chance to see what others are using for blog titles. Take the time to search the internet for at least one blog in each of the following areas:

  • Your hobby(s)
  • Your political interests
  • Your industry
  • Parenting (if you have a child)
  • Technology and/or Entertainment

This will get you a good cross-section of content and help you understand how people in different areas approach the creation of blog titles.

3) Use Number in Your Headlines

If you search a term on Google, high chances are, you’ll see more than half of the websites have titles that contain numbers. For example, I searched the term “lose weight” and unsurprisingly, found quite a number of titles with number in them.


In a study conducted by Moz and Conductor, they analyzed a large set of titles across publication sites and social networks to find out which type of headlines are most preferred.

They determined that there are five types of high-level headlines:

  • Normal (Ways to Make Create Great Blog Titles)
  • Question (What are the Ways to Create Great Blog Titles?)
  • How to (How to Create Great Blog Titles)
  • Number (12 Ways To Create Great Blog Titles)
  • Reader-Addressing (Ways You Create Great Blog Titles)


And as you would have guessed, number type headlines are the most preferred headlines, a full 15% more than second placed “reader addressing”.

Reason why people love headlines with numbers is simple, it’s easy to read and understand. It allows them to quickly skim over important information and focus more on the content that matters to them.

Here’s another blogging tip: You still need to provide valuable content, no matter how few or how many items your list has. Try to devote about a hundred words to each item on the list. For reference, that’s exactly what we’ve done here – this length is long enough to provide detail, but short enough to be quickly devoured.

4) Keep Your Blog Titles Short

The best blog titles are short – around nine words and sixty characters at most. Readers may not even read the full title of your page if they think it’s too long, especially when they’re casually browsing around. There’s really nothing else to say about length – it is what it is, and you’ll keep it in mind if you’re serious about writing blogs.

5) Keep Your Blog Titles Clear

The best blog titles should never be ambiguous. In one glance, a potential reader should be able to understand exactly what type of content the post contains. Consider the following titles:

  • 5 Kitchen Tips
  • 5 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

It’s not hard to tell which of these is a better title. More importantly, clarity helps you sift out readers who are simply going to bounce away from your blog a few seconds after arrival. Clear, straightforward titles actively contribute to a higher conversion rate, allowing you to spend more of your previous advertising efforts on people who are actually likely to buy.

6) Use Tools Like Blog Title Generator


What if you could just toss out a keyword and get a list of outstanding blog titles?

That’s the purpose of Blog Title Generator, a free tool that analyzes language and subject to come up with a list of titles you can talk about.

Every title helps you approach the subject from a new angle, and these types of programs are reliable enough to become a permanent part of your content creation strategy.

Click here to check out other tools that bloggers love to use.

7) Explain The Benefits

If possible, try to explain the benefits to the reader, or at least write a title that speaks to something they care about. Inbound marketing techniques focus on providing value to the reader because that’s what the average person is looking for.

By stating the benefits, you are giving your readers a reason to click into your article.

For example:

  • How To Create Blog Titles
  • How To Create Blog Titles That Would Bring Massive Traffic To Your Website

The sooner you can deliver some kind of value, the more likely that person is to become interested in what you have to say.

8) Sensationalize Your Topics

Sensationalized blog titles have a measurably higher click-through rate.

In this very post, for example, we’re not just telling you how to create blog titles… we’re telling you how to create blog titles that bring MASSIVE traffic.

Even better, they’re easy once you get the hang of them. Like it or not, people tend to click on sensationalized titles as compared to boring titles. All of this is part of a basic structure, designed to appeal to the average reader, and it goes like this:

Content that is exciting, easy to read, and offers valuable information is worth the time it takes to read. That sense of excitement is what drives people to actually click, so you want to incorporate it whenever you can.

9) Use Target Keywords

There’s a reason that Blog Title Generator asks for the keyword of your blog. Keywords are the subject of the content, telling readers what the material is actually about.

In our case, the keyword is ‘Blog Titles’, and every other word of the title is a modifier explaining more about how we’re approaching the subject. If you don’t explain the subject, your click-through-rate will fall flat – this is more important than any other part of your title.

10) Use a Catchy Keyphrase

Occasionally, you’ll have the opportunity to add some kind of catchy keyphrase to your title. It may be a marketing slogan, a rhyme, or something a famous person said – either way, you’ll want to use it, because catchy titles are far more exciting than basic, dull descriptions.

11) Create Controversy

Controversy is interesting, and therefore tend to get clicks. Don’t bother to take a safe, neutral middle ground when you can take a specific position instead, explaining why your views make more sense. You should not devolve into libel or personal attacks. You don’t want to look like a jerk nobody wants to be around – especially if you can deliver an eloquent, persuasive post instead.

12) Use A Formula

By this point, you’re probably wondering how you’re actually going to fit all of these pieces of advice into nine words.

Honestly… you aren’t. There’s no way to do every single one of these all the time, every time. Our language simply doesn’t work that way. However, you can get close by following this straightforward formula – write it on a sticky note and place it close to your computer for easy reference. The formula is:

[Number or Trigger Word] + [Adjective] + [Keyword] + [Promise]

For example, “18 Incredible Ways You Can Feed a Lion Indoors”.

Let’s go through our checklist, shall we? This title…

  • Has exactly 9 words
  • Is 46 Characters long, including spaces
  • Includes a number
  • Has a sensationalizing word
  • Directly addresses the reader
  • Uses the keyword (“Feed a Lion”) to define the main subject of the article
  • Includes an additional promise (“Indoors”) that modifies the rest of the title

When in doubt, look at this simple formula again and follow it as closely as you can to generate the best blog titles to attract massive traffic.

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