10 Tips to Manage Time Like a Pro

July 27, 2015

Time management is tough, huh?

The to-do list increases, but the hours don’t, and soon you find yourself cutting back on downtime to compensate for work load.

Fear not, it is possible to manage your time more effectively and allow for leisure time with these tips.

  1. Schedule your day

Lay out a schedule of your day first thing, or the night before, so you know exactly what you need to focus on and don’t waste time deciding where to begin.

  1. Plan leisure time

We’re not superhuman and all need time to have fun, so whether you want to read or watch TV, schedule leisure time in when planning your day. Around 70% of successful women watch at least an hour of TV a day, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t too.

Successful Women

  1. Become a calendar wizard

Use the same calendar for us much as possible to avoid confusion. Sync work tasks to your phone, add social activities too and sync Facebook so you never forget a birthday. You’ll soon have your day memorised.

  1. Set reminders

Set a reminder 15 minutes before a meeting to ensure you have time to prepare and set reminders for leisure activities the day before to keep it fresh when you schedule it into your day plan for the next day.

  1. Take a break

It seems less of us are taking lunchbreaks, despite evidence this is counterproductive. Allow for, at least, 20 minutes to get away from your desk to prevent burnout.

  1. Be early

If you plan to be on time, you can only be that or late. If you plan to be early, this allows for unforeseen circumstances and means you could still arrive, or complete a task, on time.

  1. Buffer

Plan a 10-15 minute window between tasks and meetings in case of overrunning, or simply to let you clear your head before getting stuck into something else.

  1. Learn to love lists

To-do lists can be a lifesaver if kept tidy and in one place. Typically, our brains remember seven things at a time, so you can be forgiven for being forgetful. Whether you carry a notepad or download an app, like Wunderlist, get into the habit of noting things down as soon as you remember.

  1. Say no

If you’re busy, it’s okay to admit it. When asked to complete something you really don’t have time to do, explain; chances are the person requesting didn’t realise how busy you were and will be happy to delegate elsewhere.

  1. Ditch distractions

The web is a fun-filled maze of procrastination, and a nightmare for productivity. Delete social bookmarks from your task bar, turn off phones and online chat when possible and you’ll soon find yourself powering through tasks without stalling.

Get into the habit of scheduling your tasks and planning your day, keep a regular eye on your calendar and embrace to-do lists and soon people will be coming to you for time management tips.

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