10 Reasons Violet Crawley From Downton Abbey Should Manage Social Media

April 1, 2015

  1. Because she totally “gets” Internet Trolls, and really none of us has the patience for these people. We know you are wrong, she knows you are wrong and deep down you really do know you are wrong.

  1. Because she knows Social Media is never dull. There is always something going on that you should know about.  It is never boring, it is never quiet – there is always something happening and you need to stay on top of it all.

  1. Because there is ALWAYS something to do to make your Social Marketing Campaign better. No sense whining about it, just do something!

  1. Because she knows that spammers need to be banned from your Pages. There is no room for people selling their stuff on your Page when you are running your own Page trying to sell your things.  She knows as President of the Facebook Page you must ban them.

  1. Because Violet is never wrong and as Manager of the Social Accounts what you post is always great. You post the right information at the right time and you are never wrong.

  1. Because she always handles awkward situations with grace and civility. The trolls and the spammers and the really stupid questions on your Page must be handled with grace and civility.

  1. Because she knows Social Media never stops. There are no evenings or weekends off.  Social Media is always marching forward with or without you.  Because she too knows that the one Saturday you don’t check an account all hell has likely broken loose.

  1. Because she knows that managing a Facebook Page or a Twitter account or keeping up on Pinterest is exhausting and sometimes a bit of booze will help get us through.

  1. Because she knows that there still are inappropriate topics out there. Even though some Page Managers choose to post things that make others cringe and really should not be on a Business Page, Violet knows that vulgarity is not worth it in the long run.  She knows that wit goes further than shock.

10. Because she knows that video of the dude jumping into a tub of cola with Mentos taped to his body really did sum up all things Social.

So Violet, if you are looking for something to do after Downton ends next year you have a great future in Social Media!

Thanks for the good times – We will miss you!



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