10 Digital Marketing Experts Shed Light on the Top Industry Trends for 2016 [Infographic]

  • June 6, 2016

    Online marketing has gone through multitudes of changes over the years. From basic article marketing to the use of mobile, there’s no doubt that the landscape is quickly changing for both users and businesses. It therefore makes sense to expect more of these changes in the coming years and although no one can predict the future, there are those who have a pretty good grasp of what online marketing would be for the next 12 months.

    The input of these digital marketing experts isn’t to be taken lightly. With years of experience under their belt, such experts have managed to watch and closely predict many of the changes happening online in marketing. With their fingers on the pulse of things, these are the very people who even managed to influence the current trajectory of internet marketing.

    At any given, there are millions of people online and thousands of new websites opening up to accommodate the internet populace. In total, however, statistics show that there are 3 billion people using their computers to access information, videos, movies, books, and other data files. That’s 3 billion reasons why online entrepreneurs should brace themselves for the coming changes online and position themselves into a more receptive state when that time comes.

    So what exactly do these digital marketing experts have to say for the year 2016? It seems like mobile marketing plays a huge role in how the online consumers finds and chooses their products and services, as per experts. However, it seems like that’s just a small part of what’s really happening in the digital work as other factor like Facebook, social media, and even the advert of new technology are factored in to closely predict what the future holds. Check out below infographic from Top SEO Rankers and find out what the experts can tell you about keeping your business in the loop:

    Digital Marketing Experts Infographic

    Source: Top SEO Rankers

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