You Know You’re a Social Media Maven/Master When…

  • by Sabrina Turman February 5, 2016
    February 5, 2016

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    Throw a rock outside of our office window and you’ll hit someone that claims to be a social media aficionado. But some of these self-proclaimed social stars are actually just imposters. And to help distinguish the difference, we’ve listed a few tell-tale signs that you are in fact, a social media maven.

    *13-Second Refresh*

    Twenty-three new likes, yes! The Beasts are not above shamelessly counting likes. In fact, I would wager that a good part of our day is checking on our most prized posts to see how they’re doing. But it’s that first 13-second refresh that really sets the bar for the post. No likes yet? Might as well just delete it and start anew.

    Any Life Moment Can Become a Hashtag


    Hashtags can be dangerous weapons. You never know when a social media maven will whip one out at you. And you won’t always be ready. The beauty of hashtags is that they started on Twitter and now are used on other social platforms, in text, or even said aloud. Might this powerful symbol be ruining language as we know it? Possibly. But, #longhairdontcare.

    Twitter Followers > Family Members

    Sorry, Mom, @sassysusie doesn’t believe that Khloe is the koolest Kardashian. I don’t have time to call Grandma right now. #Twitterismyfamilynow

    Oh my – I accidentally used TWO telltale social media maven signs at once! True craftsmanship there. You’ll most likely never meet these Twitter or Instagram followers. And yet, they can have a profound influence on your mood for the day. If @sassysusie insults my intelligence, I’m going to carry that with me…for at least 30 minutes, anyway. These people are just known by a simple handle (maybe a cursory glance at some of their most recently posted content) and yet…one of our jobs is to make them feel acknowledged, even happy. Social strangers do come before Dad’s texts or maybe Dad has become the social stranger?!

    You Dream in Instagram Filters

    Live life in color. Or at the very least, in Instagram filters. If your future child’s name isn’t Lux or Valencia, you’re not the social media master you think you are.

    More Social Notifications than Texts from Friends

    Those angry red notifications don’t go away. You might think my phone is vibrating because I have so many friends just dying to talk to me, BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG. In fact, it’s just a new customer review or Twitter follower. I’ll let you in on a social media maven secret though: we all act like these notifications annoy us, but in fact, we give ourselves an internal high-five, because it means our carefully-crafted content is knocking it out of the park.

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