Writing Guest Blog Posts: Guest Blogging Strategies and Tips Revealed

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 20, 2013

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Looking to submit a guest post? There are sites like IwWorks.com which accept and approve guest blog posts within 24 hours. People unaware of guest blogging opportunities search for guest blog posting services which are too costly and they do not guarantee that they will improve the branding efforts. Many guest blog posting sites have emerged in the recent months, but there are few pointers to be taken care of before submitting guest posts.


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People choose the route for guest blogging due to different reasons. Some look for guest blogging seo, backlinks while some have the sole purpose of branding their websites. There are plenty of guest blogging opportunities and sites available online on which one can submit guest blog posts. One of the most important factor before submitting a guest post on any subject like health, business, technology or online marketing is that the site must be considerably old. An old site carries good authority because of its domain age and hence it is useful for submitting guest blog posts on old sites. Sites like IwWorks.com are over 13 years old.


Guest post on topics like internet marketing and online marketing are most popular because of the number of searches online for similar subjects. A typical guest post on a website must have at least 400 words to make sure that it conveys proper information.


Once the guest post is approved, it is now upon the guest post submitter to make sure that the post gets proper exposure which can be done by social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is submitting the url of the published guest post to sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google +1, Digg etc.


The guest blogging strategy is complete when the guest blog post receives proper attention from readers. The more compelling and unique a content is, the more it will be redistributed online. A well written guest post has much possibility of going viral, thereby getting high traffic and credibility. In niches like online marketing, guest blogging opportunities are many due to it being a popular topic. On the other side, niches like finance strive to get good number of guest blog posting opportunities because they cater to selected audience.


Guest blogging can also be labelled as spamming by the search engines if the content written is of poor quality. Once a search engine recognizes more and more of such low quality articles, it ultimately decreases the credibility of that site. Hence it is always advisable to put time into making good content which appeals to the visitors. A well written content automatically gets shared and re-posted which gives a natural reputation to the site which is linked from the guest posts. The effect of high quality guest posts can be clearly fast on less competitive local level keywords like dentists in Colarado, garage door repair in Austin etc.


Fewer number of high quality guest posts have much greater impact than higher number of low quality content. The next big question is how to write and submit quality guest posts?


For a quality guest post, the first step begins with proper research on the subject. It gives various dimensions of that niche which provide a complete view to the reader. People who search online are mostly looking for sorting some kind of problems and they are aware of general tips and strategies which are posted on most of the blogs. So the content must provide an easy and acceptable solution to the readers. The facts presented in the guest post must be verifiable.


Guest blogging is though an accepted means of high quality branding, but it is used by very little number of webmasters. The reason is that most of the webmasters do not like to put enough time to create high quality articles and then submitting it to relevant sites. But such webmasters are unaware that guest blog posting gives best branding and stable results in search engines because of their content quality. It is easy for every webmaster to provide low quality content and hence they do not get such online exposure as they would have got with high quality guest posts.


Guest blogging is though considered useful for webmasters but email marketers also use it as a powerful strategy to grow their subscriber base. Putting guest posts on niche related blogs can also drive visitors to main website of the guest post author and the emails of those visitors can be taken to grow the subscriber base of readers. Many webmasters who do guest blogging on a regular basis have email subscribers in thousands. By getting emails of the readers, a continuous interaction can be maintained between website owner and its readers.


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