Why You Need to Create Better Mobile Ad Campaigns

August 12, 2015

Why you Need to Create Better Mobile Ad Campaigns

A recent survey by Juniper Research revealed that ad spend on mobile devices will reach $ 105 billion by 2019. This will comprise about 44 percent of total mobile ad spend among businesses irrespective of size and budget.

This is hardly surprising since industry experts have been speculating the past years on the inevitable need to go mobile. More people are using mobile devices – from smartphones to tablets – as a means for transacting business. By 2020, there will be close to six billion smartphones accessing the internet, and companies are pushed to do better in terms of creating better ad and marketing campaigns, hence the projected increase in spending.

But the increase of the mobile population shouldn’t be the only motivator for improving your marketing campaign. If you think development is contained within that premise alone, you best reconsider.

Excluding a hike in mobile use, companies can still be afforded the following advantages:

Better ad personalization

Administrators and C-suite executives also rely on mobile devices for solutions shopping. Using mobile ads allows for the creation of relevant messages that bring your audience to you. It is just a matter of creating ads and social media posts (think Facebook status updates and tweets) that are in sync with current trends and demands.

Cost efficient

Unlike desktop ads, mobile ads are cheaper to build and maintain. And this is one giveaway marketers shouldn’t turn down. If you are eager to achieve better marketing ROI, mobile ads are practically the best thing you can put your money on.


The main reason why so many people are turning to mobile is because of the convenience it provides. If you are a business executive who is often away from his/her desk, you will more likely to steal time browsing on your tablet during events or whiling your hours away in a cafe during the weekend.

Instant engagements

If a prospect comments on a status update you posted, you simply can’t ignore it. The fact is that social media engagements are possible at a wider scope because mobile devices allow for real-time interactions. The good thing about this is that it generates discussions that can lay the groundwork for future engagements. Instant replies offer the opportunity of communicating your brand’s worth to your audience.

Aside from the important perks listed above, you may risk missing out on a lot more in the absence of a mobile ad campaign. By all means, prevent that by incorporating expert copywriters and mobile web developers to your team.

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