Why Social Media is So Powerful For Your Company’s Sales Team [Infographic]

— August 26, 2019

As social media grew rapidly in the last decade, these social platforms became a major outlet for sales teams and growth of the organizations.

Social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are where customers, current buyers, and future prospects are engaging and doing research.

If sales teams are not active on social media, they end up missing huge opportunities to close more deals, increase win rates, and more.

67% of consumers surveyed say they are likely to purchase an item or service they see on their social feeds. (B2C)

Sales + Social Media

When sales teams create a strategy that revolves around social media, this is called social selling. Most likely you are familiar with this term or your company’s sales team will be.

Ultimately, social selling is a strategy used to help you achieve your sales goals by answering prospects and potential buyers questions through thoughtful content and social interactions.

However, being a social seller is not just limited to sales teams. In fact, employees from all departments can easily become social sellers simply by sharing and engaging on social media on behalf of the company they work for.

No longer is social media just part of your marketing teams job, it’s become essential for multiple areas of the business.

How it benefits the company:

  • Increases brand visibility: When more employees are sharing content and optimizing their social profiles, their networks are clicking and engaging.
  • Drives more leads and higher quality as well: Just as brand visibility increases, so do leads and the quality of those leads. When you have a team of social sellers armed with content, they are educating their social connections. People on LinkedIn for example are especially more interested in this kind of information. Plus, people trust recommendations from friends, colleagues, and family over any other forms of marketing (ads, corporate handles).
  • Boosts web traffic: As your brand visibility increases and content is being shared, more people will click or search for the company website.
  • Helps boost sales results: Social selling is also a great way to increase deal size and drive better win rates. Meaning more clients and customers and more revenue for your company.

Below is an infographic of some surprising and interesting sale statistics as it relates to social media.

Why Social Media is So Powerful For Your Company’s Sales Team [Infographic]

Here are the stats from the above infographic:

  • 73% of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process outperformed their sales peers and exceeded quota 23 percent more often. (Aberdeen Group)
  • According to IBM, when a lead is generated through social selling or employee advocacy that lead is 7X more likely to close compared to other lead gen tactics. (Find and Convert)
  • Sales reps using social media as part of their sales techniques outsell 78% of their peers. (Forbes)
  • 91% of B2B buyers are active on social media. (IDC)
  • 64% of teams that use social selling hit quota compared to 49% that don’t. (Aberdeen Group)
  • 80% believe their sales force would be more effective and efficient if they could leverage social media. (Sales Management Association)
  • An employee advocacy program can drive 16% better win rates, 2x pipeline, and deliver 48% larger deals. (EveryoneSocial)

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