What Email Performance Metrics Should You Be Looking Out For?

— April 25, 2017

email performance metrics

Utilizing a marketing automation software is a great way to help reach specific goals you have for your emails. With strong email marketing campaigns that are consistently regulated, you can reach more people and learn a lot more about your audience. That being said, knowing what to look for when those results come to you is really important.

Marketing automation may do a lot of the work for you, but what about your part in it? Do you know how to measure your email performance metrics?

Open Rates:

When you send out emails that you’ve worked so hard on, you expect people to see them and read them rather thoroughly. But, are people even opening them up? One thing you need to check first and foremost on your email marketing campaign is how those open rates are doing.

After all, if your emails aren’t even being opened, then that may mean something is up. It could be as simple as making sure your emails don’t end up in the spam folder or changing up your subject lines. Whatever it is, you should be comparing the open rates of various campaigns often, so you can see what’s working and what’s not.

Click Rates:

In addition to open rates on mails, click rates should also be measured. Every email you send out should have hyperlinks leading to landing pages on your website. This is one of the last opportunities you have to lead your customers to making a purchase. So, how are those click rates doing? If you see that they’re not improving, you may need to add more incentive, make your link more visible, or change the text of your hyperlink.

Note: You should also be taking a look at your promo-code and offer redemption rates. If you’re giving those away in your emails and they seem to be working, take note of that.

Traffic to Your Website

If the click rates are successful, then you should be seeing more traffic to your website overall. Typically, if there is an increase in click rates, that’ll mean there is an increase in your website traffic, too. Of course, there are other factors that are considered in this. But, the more people you can get to your website, the better.


Are your email marketing tactics converting your readers over to sales? At the end of the day, there are many different approaches to converting your leads. But, email marketing still remains one of the top techniques. One of the email performance metrics you should be looking at constantly are conversion rates. Are they successful? That’s something you need to know.

Repeat Buyers

While it’s good to focus on converting new leads, you can’t forget about the customers and subscribers you already do have. Another thing you need to be paying attention to in your email performance metrics is who keeps coming back again and again. These are the people giving your company a lot of business, and you want to have a good read on just how big their impact is.

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