Recruiting Via Your Website: 6 Golden Rules to Build Your Career Page

— May 30, 2017

When it comes to recruiting a new employee, there are a number of options available to you, and of course, they will depend on a number of factors, including the position, industry, and size of your business.

Regardless of the recruitment method used, we advise you to focus on the quality of the content of your website, your potential employees are like your potential customers: they check who they are dealing with before taking an action! Your site must, therefore, promote your career page and employer brand, whether you have a career page or not.

You decide to start and create your career page? Here are our 6 golden rules.

1. Create an appealing page and tailor your target audience.

Are you a law firm, a fast food restaurant, a roofer, or Apple? The job offer page of your website should be distinct according to these 4 examples, simply because you are not looking at all the same types of candidates and do not have the same value proposition for your employees.

So, just like your website that needs to be designed for its visitors, the career page also needs to be. It must put forward the available positions and reflect the image of your company.

So you have to wonder who are the ones who are likely to visit this page. Also, make sure that this page will be adaptive for tablets and mobiles and will respect the trends for the design of a website.

2. Stand out … but do not pretend to be someone else!

While trying to distinguish yourself through your employer offer, do not pretend to be anything other than what you are! Nobody likes fake profiles on dating sites that disappoint us and are wasting our time.

In recruitment, this rule also applies: be yourself and build on your strengths. You do not have to do the entire recruitment process with a candidate who would be unhappy when he learns that you have an office in Montreal, that you wrote that to attract him … but that the position is on the South Shore and not accessible by common! Time wasted for you, and for him!

Avoid also enumerating profits such as “competitive compensation” or “benefits” … It is not with sentences that I have already heard 10,000 times that you will seduce me! Tell me what are your values, what would be my typical day, who would be my colleagues, what do you do for the community, that little something you have more!

Ask your current employees what attracted them and keeps them home. To target those who would be happy to join your team.

3- Being functional above all

It should be easy to find your career page when arriving on your site: do not hide it in a submenu: the page containing job postings should be accessible in one or two clicks. Also, describe the positions in a summary way, but let me click to find out more.

The wonder of the web vs. the newspaper is that you do not pay to the word, so take advantage of it to make available all the information about the job, expected behaviors, working conditions and advantages offered! Finally, avoid making your application form complicated and endless to fill, you will discourage me from doing so!

To make your site a real recruitment tool, be sure to ask questions that will help you select the best candidates without unnecessarily complicating the process.

4- And yes, we still talk about positioning on the search engines!

SEO, or optimization for search engines, also applies to your career page! You want to find new candidates … so make sure they can find you on the web! If you are an electrician in Montreal who is recruiting regularly, would not it be wonderful that your career page comes out on Google if I do the search “job electrician Montreal”…

It is possible, but web positioning involves respecting certain rules, including the quality of the content of your web page, the presence of keywords, and several other more technical points such as loading speed, Page, mobile compatibility, ratio code vs content and other points with which an SEO specialist can advise you!

5- Make proactive recruitment

Proactive recruitment can identify potential candidates even before a position is opened and give them priority when you have a position to fill. Why wait until you are overwhelmed to post a position and then look forward to receiving the resume you dream of? Consider posting all of the company’s positions and clearly indicate which positions are to be filled now and those that are not open. A qualified resume bank, it can be really useful when it’s available at the key moment!

6- Do not let your visitors leave without taking action!

What is the use of your career page if I leave it without you knowing that I have visited it and without leaving my curriculum vitae? Make sure you have a procedure in place to apply which is clear and can be executed in less than 10 minutes.

Send a thank-you message to those who leave their CV or fill in the form (or do not pretend that you are a welcoming company!). Also, allow people to subscribe to a newsletter to be informed of new openings in your area!

So, I think you have everything in hand to get you started recruiting via your website, or improve your process. Wishing you the perfect match with your next contestants!

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Author: Aashish Sharma

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