Use Subject Lines to Engage Donors

  • — August 9, 2018

    Use Subject Lines to Engage Donors

    Recently, I have been seeing a lot of storefronts having fun with the chalkboard signage outside their doors:

    I love this concept because when customers are walking by, they have about 2 seconds to make a decision on whether to go into the store or keep walking. These signs grab pedestrians and engage them with laughter or curiosity.

    This is also how you should be crafting the subject lines for your email marketing when reaching out to your supporters. 35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone, so you really need to take this opportunity to engage with them. If not, you run the risk of your email not being opened, or even being marked as Spam.

    Your cause makes an impact, and so should your subject lines.

    How can you make your subject lines grab donors’ attention? Here are a few best practices to put into place when creating your emails:

    Keep it short

    Chances are your supporters are very busy and won’t take too much time scanning their inbox. The most effective subject lines are those that contain around 4-7 words, or 40 characters. You can use this opportunity to really grab a reader’s attention.

    Example: Save the planet!

    Be bold

    Don’t be afraid to make a statement. With a strong subject line, the reader will expect meaningful content within the email.

    Example: Never underestimate your impact…

    Personalize when possible

    When people see their own information in a subject line, they assume the email will contain relevant information for them. This can include name, location, donation history, etc.

    Example: Results of your recent donation

    Ask a question

    Asking a question naturally piques interest and gets people to think inwardly for a moment. Give them something to think about.

    Example: Want to put a smile on a child’s face?

    Use emotion

    The benefit of nonprofit content is that there are always people who are emotionally invested in your cause. Using that emotion to drive interest and awareness in subject lines is a win for both parties.

    Example: Take 5 minutes to help fight hunger.

    Be sincere

    Another advantage to being a nonprofit is that by helping you, donors are helping make a difference in your cause. By using a sincere subject line, readers will trust you and want to help.

    Example: We can’t thank you enough

    Subject lines open a door to your cause and their hearts

    When crafting subject lines to engage with donors, the most important thing to remember is that your subscribers already want to help. So grab their attention and give them a reason to keep reading your emails and supporting your cause.

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